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Scott Kontak and Yuriy Slashchev Receive Undergraduate Recognition Awards for Academic Excellence

April 24, 2017

Scott Kontak   Yuriy Slashchev
ECE Undergraduates Scott Kontak (left) and Yuriy Slashchev (right)

Two ECE department students—Scott Kontak and Yuriy Slashchev—have been chosen to receive Undergraduate Recognition Awards for Academic Excellence. These awards, issued annually by Stony Brook’s Division of Undergraduate Education, will be presented at the University’s Annual Undergraduate Recognition Awards Ceremony.

Scott Kontak, a senior computer engineering major, is interested in circuit design and optimization. As part of the Honors Program in ECE, Scott has worked with Prof. Emre Salman in the Nanoscale Circuits and Systems Laboratory on the topic of monolithic 3D integrated circuits. As part of this research, he co-authored two IEEE conference papers. In fall 2017, Scott will continue his education by pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, where his work will involve designing and modeling circuits to interface with biological systems.

Yuriy Slashchev, a junior electrical engineering major, is interested in many areas of ECE, including embedded systems and electronic devices. Yuriy has previously participated in the Explorations in STEM program, where he studied photovoltaics and graphene-based electronic devices with Prof. Matthew Eisaman at Stony Brook and Brookhaven National Laboratory. This summer, Yuriy will be working with the University of Arizona as part of their CAT Vehicle REU program, which will involve the design and development of autonomous systems. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Yuriy plans to pursue a master’s degree in computer engineering at Stony Brook.