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Course Descriptions

ESE 501 System Specification and Modeling
ESE 502 Linear Systems - CORE COURSE
ESE 503 Stochastic Systems – CORE COURSE
ESE 504 Performance Evaluation of Communication and Computer Systems
ESE 505 Wireless Communications
ESE 506 Wireless Network
ESE 507 Advanced Digital System Design and Generation
ESE 508 Analytical Foundations of Systems Theory
ESE 509 Modern Energy Technologies
ESE 510 Electronic Circuits
ESE 511 Solid-State Electronics – CORE COURSE
ESE 512 Introduction to Quantum Systems Engineering
ESE513 Introduction to Photovoltaics
ESE 514 MOS Transistor Modeling
ESE 515 Quantum Electronics I
ESE 516, 517 Integrated Electronic Devices and Circuits I and II
ESE 518 Advanced Design of low-noise and low-power analog circuits
ESE 519 Semiconductor Lasers and Photodectors
ESE 520 Applied Electromagnetics – CORE COURSE
ESE 521 Applied Optics
ESE 522 Fiber Optic Systems
ESE 524 Microwave Acoustics
ESE 525 Modern Sensors
ESE 526 Silicon Technology for VLSI
ESE 527 Circuit Theory and Applications
ESE 528 Communication Systems – CORE COURSE
ESE 529 Electrical Network Theory
ESE 530 Computer-Aided Design
ESE 531 Detection & Estimation Theory
ESE 532 Theory of Digital Communication
ESE 533 Convex Optimization and Engineering Applications
ESE 534 Cyber Physical Systems
ESE 535 Information Theory and Reliable Communications
ESE 536/CSE 626 Switching and Routing in Parallel and Distributed Systems (cross listed)
ESE 537 Mobile Sensing Systems & Applications
ESE 538 Nanoelectronics
ESE 540 Reliability Theory
ESE 541 Digital System Design
ESE 542/MEC 525 Product Design Concept Development and Optimization (cross listed)
ESE 543 Mobile Cloud Computing
ESE 544 Network Security Engineering
ESE 545 Computer Architecture – CORE COURSE
ESE 546 Networking Algorithms and Analysis
ESE 547 Digital Signal Processing
ESE 548 Computer Networks
ESE 549 Advanced VLSI System Testing
ESE 550 Network Management and Planning
ESE 551 Switching Theory and Sequential Machines
ESE 552 Interconnection Networks
ESE 553 A/D and D/A Integrated Data Converters
ESE 554 Computational Models for Computer Engineers – CORE COURSE
ESE 555 Advanced VLSI Circuit Design – CORE COURSE
ESE 556 VLSI Physical and Logic Design Automation
ESE 557 Digital Signal Processing II: Advanced Topics
ESE 558 Digital Image Processing I
ESE 559 Digital Image Processing II
ESE 560 Optical Information Processing
ESE 563 Fundamentals of Robotics I
ESE 565 Parallel Processing Architectures
ESE 566 Hardware-Software Co-Design of Embedded Systems
ESE 568 Computer and Robot Vision
ESE 570 Bioelectronics
ESE 571 Introduction to Auto ID Technologies
ESE 575 Advanced VLSI Signal Processing Architecture
ESE 580, 581 Microprocessor-Based Systems, Engineering I and II
ESE 585 Nanoscale Integrated Circuit Design
ESE 586 Microgrids
ESE 587 Hardware Architectures for Deep Learning
ESE 588 Pattern Recognition
ESE 589 Learning Systems for Engineering Applications
ESE 591 Industrial Project in OEMS Engineering
ESE 597 Practicum in Engineering (Internship) Non-Regular Course
ESE 599 Research (for students in the Master’s program) Non-Regular Course
ESE 610 Seminar in Solid-State Electronics
ESE 670 Topics in Electrical Sciences
ESE 691 Seminar in Electrical Engineering
ESE 697 Ph.D. Practicum in Teaching - *3 credits are required for Ph.D. degree
ESE 698 Practicum in Teaching Non-Regular Course
ESE 699 Dissertation (Research On Campus) Non-Regular Course
ESE 700 Dissertation Research (Off Campus – Domestic) Non-Regular Course
ESE 701 Dissertation Research (Off Campus – INTERNATIONAL) Non-Regular Course
ESE 800 Full-Time Summer Research