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Distributed Teacher and Leader Education (D-TALE)

Guide to Teacher Education Preparation Programs





Table of Contents

1.  Letter from the Director
2.  Abridged Conceptual Framework

a.  Stony Brook University Mission Statement
b.  D-TALE Themes
c.  D-TALE Pathways
d.  Vision and Mission
e.  Knowledge Bases
f.  Candidate Proficiencies

3.  Deciding on a Field of Study
4.  Timeline for the Teacher Education Program

a.  Oral Language Proficiency in English for Applicants whose Native Language is other than English
b.  Pedagogy/Methods I Semester
c.  Pedagogy/Methods II Semester
d.  Student Teaching Semester

5.  Overview of Programs

a.  Applying to the Program
b.  English Teacher Education Program
c.  Foreign Languages Teacher Education Program
d.  Mathematics Teacher Education Program
e.  Science Teacher Education Program
f.  Social Studies Teacher Education Program
g.  TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Teacher Education Program

6.  D-TALE Program Requirements

a.  Undergraduate Admission Requirements
b.  Minimum Grade Requirements
c.  Academic Standing and Academic Probation
d.  Student Teaching
e.  Standardized Tests
f.  Foreign Language Requirement

7.  Field Experience
8.  Student Teaching (Clinical Practice)
9.  Responsibilities of Teacher Candidates
10.  Guidelines for Cooperating Teachers
11.  Responsibilities of the University Supervisor
12.  Discontinuation from the Program
13.  Policy on Academic Integrity
14.  D-TALE Professional Review Committee
15.  The New York State Teacher Certification System

a.  Initial State Licensure
b.  Professional License

16.  Looking for a Job
17.  Disclaimer