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TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Teacher Education Program

The  TESOL Program prepares undergraduate and graduate students to become Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL/TESOL) and to teach English Language Learners (ELLs) in the elementary and secondary schools. Candidates may earn NYS teaching certification in TESOL at the BA level or at the MA level. Additionally, in collaboration with the Department of European Languages, students can earn a combined BA/MAT with dual certification in TESOL and a foreign language (French, Italian, or Spanish).

The thorough foundation in linguistics that characterizes our program serves our teacher candidates well in their development as professionals. Students take courses in linguistics and pedagogy, and gain extensive exposure to a variety of educational settings at the university and in the community. These include pre-schools, elementary, and secondary schools, adult education, and college programs. This approach provides teacher candidates with the intellectual rigor of the academic discipline, and is enhanced by practical experience in authentic ESOL/ENL learning environments.

At Stony Brook University, undergraduate students who are seeking initial teacher certification in TESOL must major in Linguistics. To be admitted to the BA-TESOL Teacher Education Program, undergraduate students should declare their Linguistics major by the end of the sophomore year. Applicants to the BA-TESOL program must meet with both the Linguistics Undergraduate Program Director and the Director of TESOL Teacher Preparation and Certification to obtain the required signatures and discuss course selection .

Students applying to the MA-TESOL program should consult with the MA-TESOL Program Director and the Director of TESOL Teacher Preparation and Certification to determine which of our MA programs best suits each candidate’s goals. 

An accelerated course of study is also available to students who wish to complete the BA/MA in Linguistics/TESOL within five years. This program leads to NYS certification in TESOL (PreK-12). Students must apply in the spring of the sophomore year, and are required to have and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall as well as in the major. Details are available from the Undergraduate Program Director in Linguistics and from the Director of TESOL Teacher Preparation and Certification.

An additional offering of a combined TESOL/Foreign Language BA/MAT is available. This 5 year program allows candidates to earn a double major in Linguistics and either French or Italian or Spanish and NYS dual certification in TESOL (PreK-12) and in the chosen foreign language (grades 7-12). This dual certification greatly increases a candidate’s marketability. This program is offered in collaboration between the Department of Linguistics ; the Department of European Languages, Literatures and Cultures ; the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature ; and the School of Professional Development . Those interested in applying to the program should consult with both the Linguistics Undergraduate Program Director and the Director of the Foreign Language Teacher Preparation Program .

Alumni of the above programs are employed as teachers and coordinators of language programs in over 55 school districts and educational agencies across Long Island and throughout New York state. Additionally, alumni have chosen to pursue teaching English to speakers of other languages in countries around the globe .

Each of the following provides candidates with a path to obtaining NYS TESOL Teacher Certification:

BA-TESOL Bachelor of Arts Degree and NYS TESOL Certification.  BA TESOL | Department of Linguistics   

MA-TESOL 48 credits Master of Arts and NYS TESOL Certification (This MA is for candidates who wish to earn a MA and do not yet hold a NYS Teaching Certificate in any area.)  MA TESOL Programs | Department of Linguistics

Accelerated BA/MA-TESOL (5 year program) Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and NYS TESOL Certification.  ​​ BA-MA TESOL program | Department of Linguistics

Combined TESOL/Foreign Language BA/MAT (5 year program) Double Major with  BA in Linguistics and BA in French, Italian or Spanish, as well as Master of Arts in Teaching in French, Italian, or Spanish plus dual NYS certification in TESOL (Pre K-12) and French, Italian, or Spanish (grades 7-12) BA-MAT Foreign Language with ESL Certification | School of Professional Development


Contact Information

Marie Huffman
Undergraduate Program Director in Linguistics

Tatiana Luchkina
MA-TESOL Program Director

Mariann Coogan
Director of TESOL Teacher Preparation and Certification

Sarah Jourdain
Director of Foreign Language Teacher Preparation

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