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D-TALE Program Requirements

Teacher candidates must satisfy requirements of both their major and the teacher education program (as well as Stony Brook curriculum requirements for undergraduates). All teacher candidates must follow a structured course of study with regard to their education courses, including the sequence of Methods I, Methods II (Pedagogy I, Pedagogy II), the co-requisite field experience courses, and Supervised Student Teaching and the co-requisite Student Teaching Seminar. Teacher candidates must meet the qualifications in order to proceed to the next phase of the program, and those who fail to meet these requirements or to perform satisfactorily in these courses may be discontinued from the program. The Pathways to Certification provides a schematic overview of required education courses, their sequence, and other requirements for certification.

Please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins for further information on courses.

In addition, all candidates should take note that state certification programs are constantly being revised, so teacher candidates must  satisfy the requirements that are in effect at the time of their certification application. It is the responsibility of the teacher candidate to keep abreast of any relevant changes. For more information, visit the NYSED website.

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