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Foreign Language Requirement

New York State Education Department requires one year (2 semesters) of a language other than English for certification in all fields (except foreign language education and TESOL, which have their own requirements). TESOL requires 2 years of a language. The language requirement is similar to, but not identical with, the University's foreign language requirement, and some majors have more extensive language requirements. The NYSED requirement can be met through study of any foreign language (or American Sign Language).

While the New York State Education Department will accept a D or above in these language credits for certification purposes, Stony Brook requires a C or better in all courses taken to satisfy the foreign language competency requirement.

The state certification requirement can be met in several ways. Stony Brook undergraduates and graduate students can satisfy this requirement by passing (C or better) two semesters of a foreign language. Stony Brook undergraduates and graduate students who have earned their undergraduate degree at Stony Brook and attended high school in New York State can also satisfy the language requirement by earning an 85 or better on the high school Language III Regents Examination. A high school transcript showing this score must be sent to the undergraduate admissions office for evaluation, and the satisfaction of this requirement must be shown on your Stony Brook undergraduate transcript. This option is not available to graduate students who have earned their undergraduate degrees elsewhere.

Note: For all undergraduate students entering the University’s Class of 2014, NYS Regents Languages Other Than English (LOTE) scores will no longer be applicable. Stony Brook has provided an alternative solution to meeting the language requirement for matriculated undergraduate students. The Language Learning and Research Center (LLRC), located in the Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library, now offers a language placement exam in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Exams pertaining to additional languages may be offered at a later date. Please visit the University’s Placement Exams page for the most current information.

In addition to undergraduate course credit, graduate students may also satisfy the language requirement for certification by passing the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test at proficiency level equivalent to one year of college study. Please visit the College Board’s CLEP Tests page for the most current information.

With regard to transfer credits for language courses taken on a P/NC basis, Stony Brook will accept a P if the transcript is accompanied by a letter from the Dean of the institution where the course work was taken attesting that the original grade was a C or higher. Grades of C- or below will not be accepted for transfer credit in any program.

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