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Policy on Academic Integrity

The Distributed Teacher and Leader Education Program is committed to preparing educators who have the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to effectively integrate content and pedagogy in order to meet the needs of all learners. Central to this concept is Academic Integrity. Stony Brook University has clear guidelines and policies/procedures relating to Academic Honesty. For more information, review the Undergraduate Bulletin, Graduate School material, and School of Professional Development material.

If a student has been found guilty of academic dishonesty, a subcommittee of D-TALE will convene and decide whether or not a student will be able to continue in the teacher preparation program.

D-TALE reserves the right not to recommend a program completer for an initial teacher certificate if D-TALE has good cause to believe that the certificate applicant has been convicted of a crime or has committed an act which raises a reasonable question as to the individual's moral character.

Candidates who are discontinued in the program for any reason, or who are not recommended for program completion as described above, may appeal this decision to the D-TALE Professional Review Committee.

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