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Student Teaching Semester

  1. Enroll for student teaching seminar and two supervised student teaching courses.
  2. During this semester, teacher candidates must take the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).
  3. Contact Career Center to create a resume and establish a credentials file. Start applying for jobs.
  4. Apply for graduation.
  5. Certification: Midway through student teaching, you will either receive instructions relative to an application on NYSED's TEACH website for certification from the University's Certification Officer or a notification regarding any deficiencies. In order to receive an institutional recommendation, all students must submit a FERPA release form and information sheet which is appended to your instructions to the Teacher Certification Office. This is mandated by Federal law as Stony Brook may not release any information on a prospective candidate for license without this written release. Candidates for license must also access the TEACH online system to apply for license. This online application is in addition to and distinct from any information imparted by the University on a student's behalf to NYSED.
  6. Teacher Education Program candidates who are not native born or naturalized U.S. citizens, or who do not hold a permanent resident green card, may now achieve an initial certification and teaching license in New York State. However, they must either obtain a green card or become a naturalized citizen prior to obtaining a professional teaching license. There are no waivers from this requirement as set forth by the New York State Education Department (NYSED).
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