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Community Building Services and Activities

Community Building

Graduate Recognition Activities

Successfully completing a graduate program is a significant achievement. To this end, the Center for Inclusive Education celebrates this notable accomplishment by hosting a Graduate Recognition Celebration at the end of each semester. These celebrations, open to the greater CIE community, allow us to celebrate a successful end of the semester, in addition to recognizing our graduating scholars. In addition to these celebrations, each Fall we host a Doctoral Hooding Brunch the morning of the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony. This brunch gives graduating students and their families an opportunity to enjoy a break from the flurry of graduation related activities while celebrating the day with other CIE scholars and staff.

Monthly Socials

The Center for Inclusive Education hosts monthly socials to foster a strong sense of community among the underrepresented graduate and postdoctoral scholar community at Stony Brook. Scholars have the opportunity to interact with other CIE scholars from various graduate programs and departments in a casual setting. The monthly socials also give us the opportunity to celebrate CIE scholar and staff milestones, like birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, successful defenses, publications, conference presentations, academic awards, or new employment positions.

Research Café

One of the objectives of the Research Café series is to promote cross-discipline knowledge among the scholars of the broader campus community by providing a showcase for the exemplary research being conducted by our top scholars. It is our intent to facilitate communication and collaboration between departments and research areas that may ultimately foster ground-breaking research. For more information, please visit the Research Café site.