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Seminar Schedules

Fall 2023

Sep. 8

Julie Kovacs (University of Washington)

"How Does Nature Synthesize Beta-Lactam Antibiotics? Iron and Cysteine Play a Key Role."

Sep. 14

Yubin Miao (University of Colorado)

"Melanocortin-1 receptor-targeted peptide radiopharmaceuticals for melanoma imaging and therapy."

Sep.  21

Matthew Bird (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


Sep. 28

Patricia Zhang Musacchio (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

"Mild Strategies in the Direct Generation of Carbocation Intermediates from C(sp3)–H Bonds; Synthetic Innovation at the Interface of of Drug Discovery and Development."

Oct. 5

ICB&DD Symposium

Oct. 11

Kevan Shokat (University of California San Francisco)


Oct. 12

Frederick Heberle(University of Tennesse) 

"Direct label-free imaging of nanodomains in biomimetic and biological membranes by cryogenic electron microscopy."

Oct. 19

Hans-Conrad zur Loye (University of South Carolina)


Oct. 20

Carlos Jiménez-Hoyos (Wesleyan University)


Oct. 26

Florence Williams (University of Iowa)

"Taking Advantage of Strong Boron-Oxygen and Boron-Fluorine Associations for Chemoselective Reactions"

Nov. 2

Mark Johnson (Yale University)


Nov. 9

Joseph Fournier (Washington University in St. Louis)


Nov. 16

Ellen J. Robertson (Union College)


Dec. 1

Chemistry Research Day

Dec. 7

Omar Saleh (University of California, Santa Barbara)

"Structure and function in liquid droplets of DNA"