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Hands-on science to sustain Madagascar's resources and people

Researching @ CVB

Though broadly scoped, most research conducted at Lemur MeasureCentre ValBio contributes to understanding the ecology of tropical rainforests in Madagascar and more broadly, conservation throughout the world. We support the work of hundreds of international scientists whose findings provide valuable information on the threatened biodiversity of Madagascar. Duration of research ranges from brief studies by students attending field courses lasting weeks to months, to medium-length studies conducted by PhD students and visiting professors to long-term research and monitoring projects spanning decades . Since 1986, research in Ranomafana has resulted in nearly 1,000 scientific and scholarly publications, 41 PhD dissertations, and 134 master's theses. Annually, over 500 researchers visit the Centre ValBio main campus, or one of its many satellite facilities or research camps.

Who Can Research?

We firmly belive in lifelong scientific persuit and that  cross polination of different professions yields the best science. Thus, the campus is open to anyone with a research question. Although not an extensive list, throughout our history many biologists, anthropologist, chemists, medical clinicians, engineeers, education researchers, teachers, archiologists, lawers, historians, artists and economists have called CVB their home while they did their research. The collabrations that synergetically develop over a cold beer from the kitchen while sharing dinner with others in scientific persuit has yielded many new advances to science, health, and livelyhoods, and forged many lifelong research partnerships amung historically siloed research professions.

How do I research at CVB? 

We understand doing scientific researchin a tropical country can be difficult. At CVB, have refined a process for research facilitation at CVB to be as simple as possible. In the following sections we outline everything you need to know. Please read all of the following sections carefully. 

First, why not read up on our Main Campus, and our established Research Sites to verify we can meet your needs. Even if you don't see what you need exactly, we will do our best to accomodate any sort of research and have flexible facilities and creative staff to acomplish your needs. We often help establish researchers in new sites and have connections across the island to help make your research a reality. If at any time you have specific requirements not outlined feel free to reach out to our research team at . 

Next, take a look at the Research Timeline  page, to better understand how far in advance you ideally are planning your research.  Although CVB is the premier research hub within Madagascar so researchers do just drop in, we highly suggest you take the time to properly plan your trip. 

General permitting requirements should be well understood before applying.  Once you Apply to Research at CVB our friendly research staff will contact you and help you understand your individualized permitting requirements as required by Madagascar. Please note, we do not facilitate any permits outside of Madagascar such as those required by your home institution, or to import samples back into a country outside of Madagascar such as those required by the FDA, CDC, or other American, African, European, or Asian government entity.

Our Finance Information Guide has been assembeld to better understand the cost of doing research and walk prospective research through all aspects of the cost of doing research at Centre ValBio. 

Finally, the Research FAQ page has answers to many common questions. 

How do I apply to research?

Simply email us at You should include in the initial email some basic documents including a research proposal, tentitive dates, what sorts of resarch you will be conducting, and team size. This will help our team when they contact you in order to start the registration process.

Don't worry if you don't have all your information when you contact us, we understand that research can be fluid at times.

Once you apply, we highly suggest you read over the Pre Arrival Page, which will help guide your packing and prepperation. Although not an exahustive list, this should help you organize for your trip.

What if I still have questions? 

If you have questions related to research that are not answered in this guide simply email and we will be happy to assist you.