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Hands-on science to sustain Madagascar's resources and people

Study Abroad

CVB hosts eight study abroad programs throughout the year bringing students from around the world to Madagascar to learn about the environment and its people. Programs exist in diverse fields including conservation biology, anthropology, education, engineering & human health. Schools currently offering these programs include Stony Brook Unviersity, University of Helsinki, University of Florida, and the California University of Pennsylvania.  As it is CVB's mandate to train the next wave of conservation leaders, all study abroad programs feature field and lab-based research and all have mandated, fully funded spots for Malagasy students to learn alongside our international visitors. Malagasy students that wish to apply should contact our Madagascar based MICET office for information on available opportunity.

What if my school does not have a Study Abroad?

Any student, from any university, is invited to take part in the Stony Brook University hosted Study Abroad Programs.  These programs currently run Winter (1 month), Summer (2 months), and Fall (3 months). Stony Brook's programs can be accessed by clicking these links.


Study Abroad Winter

The Winter Study Abroad Program, our shortest program, is 3-4 weeks and focuses on conducting independent research projects guided by our staff.


Study Abroad Summer

The Summer Study Abroad Program runs for about two months over the summer session  and features course work, a cross country cultural tour, and independent research components.


Study Abroad Fall

The Fall Study Abroad Program, our longest at three months, includes extensive cultural and research preparation course work, a cross country cultural tour, and an independent research project.