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The Vision Statement articulates your dream, conveying your hopes for the future.

Try drawing a word picture of the unit 3 to 5 years into the future. The more participants involved in the visioning process--faculty, students, staff-- the higher the level of commitment and teamwork as you progress. This means that while your Strategic Planning team might finalize an official Vision statement it is wise to gain input from others first.

Features of an effective vision statement may include:

  • Clear, vivid, and easy to both communicate and remember
  • Understood and shared by all members
  • Broad enough to include a diverse variety of local perspectives
  • Inspiring and uplifting to everyone involved in your effort
  • Aligned with organizational values and culture

The fifth point of our University Mission is “to fulfill these objectives while celebrating diversity and positioning the University in the global community.” How will your unit work toward that mission? What is your Vision for the future of your unit?

Download the Passion Matches Aspiration Scorecard