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Staying Motivated

Staying motivated is hard! Projects take time and it can be difficult to maintain energy and focus. Embarking upon any new initiative requires careful thought and planning, and the strategic process is essential once planning is complete and the objective or initiative is underway. Why? Because more challenges may arise. 

Perhaps your team or unit begins to run short on time, resources, or motivation. Perhaps new, unexpected obstacles pop up. Perhaps your team just gets tired. Or, perhaps commitment to the strategic plan weakens over time. Any combination of these things may occur, and it's good to be able to identify it when it does: Vulnerabilities Of Middles WORKSHEET

You may find that the weakening motivation or commitment is because of certain critics in your unit, people that aren't fully (or at all!) bought-in to the need for this work. Your team--and your unit's leadership--will need to be prepared to respond to the various challenges and resistance you are likely to encounter: The Politics of ChangeTOOL 

Need more assistance on getting people on board with this work and your strategic plan?

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Sometimes, challenges are so great that a choice needs to be made as to whether you ought to push through, pause as a unit, or stop and revise.

Check out the When to Persist CHECKLISTto help your committee decide if a particular project is worth carrying on.