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Why Work on DEI?

Stony Brook University’s mission, vision and very essence are built on the principles of providing equal access to world-class education in a caring environment, where we respect and embrace our differences, take responsibility to protect our communities, and practice civility at all times.

And yet, as much as these are our core principles as an institution, there is a difference between ascribing to principles in theory and actually putting them into practice. As a university, as colleges and schools, as departments, centers, cohorts, and classes, we haven’t fully lived up to these ideals. All of us have had great achievements and great failures. All of us can improve.

We are an educational institution--why not look at this as an opportunity to learn?

Together, we can be Stony Brook Strong, and continue to both build and role model the culture that is the hallmark of our University.

Each academic and administrative unit is invited to begin the Strategic Planning process: defining your vision, setting your goals, organizing your initiatives, and evaluating your progress. If you let it, this process can be a deeply meaningful one. It has the power to draw people to common purpose, define what is most important, and give hope for a better future.