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Develop Initiatives

“How will we actually undertake our Goals? What are the specific tasks to be done? How can we confirm follow through? What is the role of leadership? faculty? staff? student?”

Organize the work you’ve prioritized into an Initiative, with each Initiative oriented to meet a particular Goal along a particular timeline. Include items such as:

  1. Which goal does this initiative serve? 
  2. Who is working on this project, and what are each of their roles? 
  3. What is the chain of command (who reports to whom?)
  4. What are the main objectives? 
    • Action steps to be taken for each objective
    • Persons responsible for completing the step
    • Time frame for performance of the action
    • Resources/assistance required to take the step


Simply by prioritizing and organizing the work your team may feel more motivated to dig in. A clear plan can do that! Keep in mind that while some Initiatives will benefit from plunging in full speed, others will benefit from a demo or slower roll out. The right choice will depend on things like how much of a structural overhaul it will require, what kinds of resistance to change you anticipate, or the resources--funding, people, time, etc.--necessary to see it through.

Benefits of a Demo, or Slower Rollout:

  • Extra time and results to build support
  • Can examine alternative models
  • Learning to modify the model
  • Implementation expertise developed

Benefits of Plunging In Full Speed:

  • Harder to mobilize resistance 
  • Communicates leadership’s full support
  • Can reduce costs (not running two approaches at the same time)


As the strategic planning team, you will make these determinations through or with leadership. And just as each Initiative may require a different pace of implementation, so the actions of your unit’s leadership may require a different approach

Will you need leadership to act more boldly and decisively? 

Or will you need leadership to act consistently and relationally?


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