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Project Leader position details 


Applications now open!

Undergraduate Project Leader applications are due on May 4, 2022 by 11:59pm ET.


The Academy of Civic Life is searching for reliable and inspiring undergraduate leaders to join the team during the Fall 2022–Spring 2023 school year. In this position, you will be taking on a mentorship role, guiding high school students from financially disadvantaged households as they work on a civic engagement project and apply to colleges and universities. You will be teaching the Academy students to become community leaders, connect with local community organizations, and present their project proposals effectively in front of an audience. Share your passion for working to make our community a better, more equitable place. 

The Project Leaders will lead weekend meetings with the high school students during the 2022/2023 academic year. During the Fall semester, the meetings will happen twice per month, entirely virtually. During the Spring semester, the meetings will happen once per month, primarily in-person. 

During these meetings, the Project Leaders will help the high school students to establish timelines, distribute tasks, and prepare their final presentations.  They will also lead workshops to help the high schoolers develop skills necessary for their projects. Project Leaders will be integral components of the Academy of Civic Life team. Therefore, the Project Leaders will need to be independent, reliable, and excited about working with the high school students.