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GLI 102 Course Information  

High school students who join the Academy of Civic Life will live and study on the Stony Brook University campus for three weeks during the summer. Students will enroll in GLI 102, a course taught by Dr. Tracey Walters, and they will earn three college credits. This course focuses on the history of democracy, citizenship, labor, representation, voting, and justice.

Students who take GLI 102 will understand more deeply how their own personal story fits into a global history through class debates, reading, and writing. They will be able to make connections between history and current events. They will understand more about the rights and responsibilities of citizens because they will have learned about civic life in a global context.  And, most of all, they will know how to use these lessons to make a difference and enact positive changes in their communities.


Course description

This course explores foundational texts related to civics and democracy. In the evenings, students will read modern and classical texts exploring Citizenship, Labor, Representation, and Justice. They will work with undergraduate Teaching Assistants to write short responses that encourage them to think more deeply about the texts. In class, they will work with Dr. Tracey Walters to debate the material and examine how these historical texts and foundational ideas have shaped current events and even their own personal communities. The course will also cover more than just books and written works. Students will also study a range of media including important pieces of art, film, journalism, and podcasting. Ultimately, the goal of the course is to teach students that they are scholars, and to empower them as they continue their academic journeys. The alumni of this course will know from personal experience that they have the ability to interpret complex written texts, to study global history, and to debate ongoing social and political events.