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Resilience During the Election

During this challenging election cycle, Stony Brook faculty and staff may find the following resources and information helpful in building their resilience and supporting each other.

Taking Care of Yourself

Healthier U

Healthier U is offering a series of programs, called Wellness Wednesdays, beginning Nov. 4, to promote and foster self-care through mindfulness, yoga, a labyrinth walk and more. The events will be held in person in the Stony Brook Union and streamed on Facebook. Register here.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program and Healthier U are collaborating to offer facilitated fireside chats on Zoom. These non-judgemental, non-partisan settings will bring faculty and staff together to gather and share. Sign up to participate.

If you would like to talk to someone from EAP individually and confidentially, please get in touch with them here.

Recommendations from the Department of Psychology

  • Connect with and ask for support from your friends and family
  • Plan for daily mindfulness and relaxation exercises
  • Consider what activities you can plan to do in advance - things like crossword puzzles, your favorite music or funny movies, scented candles or other aromatherapy, adult coloring, or planning a relaxing getaway for the future
  • Engage in journaling to express your emotions or gather your thoughts
  • Take a moment in nature - go to the beach, take a local hike, visit other favorite parks or places

Building Resilience

Stony Brook Medicine developed many resources and resiliency tools to help people at the start of the pandemic. Many of them can also be applied to managing election dynamics.

External Resources

Beyond Stony Brook, there are many apps and other resources available that may be useful to you.

Self-Support Apps

Other Resources

Avoid Partisanship in the Workplace

We encourage all registered voters to exercise their right to help select our elected representatives.

As state employees, there are policies and rules on the use of university facilities, resources and time for partisan political purposes. Please take a moment to review these policies.