State Appointments and Payroll

The State Appointments and Payroll unit is responsible for the appointment and payroll processing of all State employees including Faculty, Non-teaching Professionals, Classified, Graduate and Teaching Assistants, Hourly/Fee, Student Assistants, College Work-Study, Special Fund Estimate and Summer Session.

Section Information

State Appointments is responsible for the appointment of all West Campus and HSC State employees, excluding Health Sciences Faculty. We work closely with VP Coordinators, Dean's Area Coordinators, Department Heads, Personnel Associates and University Managers to ensure the processing of authorized appointments, terminations, salary status changes, etc. This ensures submission of all employment related documentation, performance programs and evaluations. All appointments are processed in compliance with Federal and State regulations, SUNY Board of Trustees Policies, collective bargaining agreements and University policies. We act as liaison with Albany offices, primarily SUNY Central, Civil Service and the Office of the State Comptroller.

Payroll, involving State, Student, Hourly/Fee, Special Fund Estimate, Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants is responsible for the accurate and timely payroll processing of all new appointments, terminations, status changes, salary and other payroll transactions for West Campus, HSC, Long Island State Veterans Home, Coram and Hospital employees. We process all payments in compliance with Federal and State regulations, SUNY Board of Trustees Policies and collective bargaining agreements. We serve as liaison to the Office of the State Comptroller to resolve employee paycheck problems. This unit answers paycheck inquiries, and provides general assistance to all faculty, staff, students and administrators.