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  Requirements For the
Major in  Women's and   Gender Studies 
The major in Women's and Gender Studies leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. No more than three credits offered for the major may be taken Pass/No Credit or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. All other courses for the major must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. No transferred course with a grade lower than C may be applied toward major requirements. No more than three 100-level courses (9 credits) may be applied toward major requirements. At least 18 credits must be in courses numbered 300 or higher.  At least 12 credits must be WST courses (or cross-listed equivalent) taken at Stony Brook.

Completion of the major requires 36 credits.
A. Core Courses
  1. WST 102 or WST 103 Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies
  2. WST 291 Introduction to Feminist Theory; OR WST/PHI 284 Introduction to Feminist Theory (III); However, a student with a major or minor in WST cannot receive credit for both courses.
  3. WST 301 Histories of Feminism
  4. WST 305 Feminist Theories in Context
  5. WST 408 Senior Seminar for Women's and Gender Studies Majors
B. Focused Studies
One course in each of the following categories (see Notes 1 & 2): 

  1.  Women’s & Gender Studies in a Global Context (e.g., WST 395 Topics in Global Feminism; or approved  substitute course)

  2.  Gender, Race, & Ethnicity (WST 398 Topics in Gender, Race, & Ethnicity; or approved substitute course)

  3.  Gender & Sexuality (e.g. WST 399 Topics in Gender & Sexuality; or approved substitute course)

C. Electives (updated July 2018)

Twelve credits from WST courses. The following courses offered by other departments may also be used to satisfy this requirement (see Note 3): 

  *Topics courses are listed in blue*

  • AAS 331 Japanese Literature in the Feminine Domain
  • AAS 372 Family, Marriage, & Kinship in China
  • AAS 392 Soc Sci Topics in Asian & Asian American Studies (approved topic: "Caste & Gender in Hindu Law")
  • AFH 382 Black Women's Literature of Diaspora
  • AFS 345 Culture & Gender
  • AFS 350 Black Women & Social Change
  • AFS 370 African-American Family
  • AFS 381 AIDS, Race, & Gender in the Black Community
  • ANT 367 Male & Female 
  • ARH 391 Topics in Global Art (approved topic: "Images of Women in Visual Culture")
  • BIO 358 Biology of Human Social & Sexual Behavior
  • CCL 315 Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greek Literature
  • CCS 311 Gender & Genre in Film
  • CCS 327 Topics in Histories of Culture (approved topics: "Queer Fictions of History; “Hormones & Behavior;” other topics when appropriate)
  • CLT 122 Images of Women in Literature
  • CLT 123 Sin & Sexuality in Literature
  • CLT 301 Theory of Literature (approved topic: "Queer Modernities")
  • EGL 276 Feminism: Literature and Cultural Contexts
  • EGL 310 Neoclassical Literature in English (approved topic: "Gender in the 18th Century")
  • EGL 350 Major Writers of American Literature, Colonial Period to 1900 (approved topic: "James, Stein, & Woolf")
  • EGL 352 Major Writers of 20th Century Literature in English (approved topic: "Virginia Woolf") 
  • EGL 362 Drama in English (approved topic: "Women in Modern US Drama")
  • EGL 367 Contemporary Afro-American Literature (when topic appropriate)
  • EGL 371 Topics in Gender Studies in Literature
  • EGL 372 Topics in Women & Literature (approved topics: "Ecofeminism," "Mothering, Race, & Gender," "Women Writers")
  • EUR 390 Special Topics in European Studies (approved topic: "European Women Writers")
  • HIS 301 Reading and Writing Hisotry (approved topic: "Women in Nineteeth Century America")
  • HIS 336 Women, Work, & Family in Modern European History
  • HIS 360 Women in Premodern Europe
  • HIS 340 Topics in Asian History (approved topic: "Women in 20th Century China;" other topics when appropriate)
  • HIS 392 Topics in European History (approved topic: "The Age of Jane Austen")
  • HIS 393 Topics in Modern European History (approved topic: "Sexual Politics in Modern Europe;” “The World of Jane Austen;” other topics when appropriate)
  • HIS 394 Topics in History of Human Reproduction
  • HIS 396  Topics in US History (approved topics: "Women & Work in 20th Century US" and "Gender & Society in Early America")
  • HIS 401  Colloquium in European History (approved topic: "Heresy & Witchcraft in Middle Ages")
  • HIS 402  Colloquium in European History (approved topic: "Women, Militants, & the Vote")
  • HIS 414  Colloquium in American History (approved topic: "Sex & Death in American Murders")
  • HUI 231  Sex & Politics in Italian Cinema
  • HUI 235  Sex, Love, Tragedy: Early Italian Cinema
  • HUI 237  Images of Italian-American Women
  • LHD 301  Human Sexual & Gender Development Issues (approved topics: "Dirty Sex," "Gender & Technology," "Love & Power in Hollywood," "Men & Women in Society," "Men in America")
  • LHD 302 Colloquium in Human & Gender Development (approved topics: "Gender [& Sex] & Contemporary Media," "Pornography, Media, & AIDS")
  • LHD 401  Advanced Seminar in Human Sexual & Gender Development (approved topic: "Fetishes, Freaks, & Addictions")
  • MUS 314  Women Making Music
  • PHI 284  Intro to Feminist Theory (III)
  • PHI 384  Advanced Topics in Feminist Philosophy (III)
  • POL 330  Gender Issues & the Law
  • POL 347  Women & Politics
  • PSY 347  Psychology of Women
  • PSY 349  Special Topics in Social Psychology (approved topic: "Women's Health Issues")
  • RLS 366  Feminine Spirituality
  • SOC 247  Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 304 Sociology of the Family
  • SOC 340  Sociology of Human Reproduction
  • SOC 371  Gender & Work
  • SOC 390  Special Topics (approved topic: "Gender in Africa")
  • SOC 391  Special Topics (approved topics: "Bodies: A Social Primer," "Sociology of Masculinity;” “Gender in Africa;” other topics when appropriate)
  • SOC 394  Special Topics (approved topic: "Globalization, Gender, Migration;” “Gender & International Development;” other topics when appropriate)
  • SOC 395 Topics in Sci, Tech, & Society (approved topic: “Perverts, Pimps, & Pills;” other topics when appropriate)
  • SPN 410  Theory in Contexts (approved topic: "Money, Sex, & Power")
  • *SPN 415 Hispanic Cultures in Context (approved topic: "Domestic Work") - * course taught in Spanish
  • WSE 187 Women in the Laboratory
  • WSE 242 Society & Gender in Science & Engineering
1) The following courses are approved to replace WST 395, 398, or 399)
Approved Replacements for WST 395
AAS 307 Women in US-Asian Relations
HIS 431 Women in Modern Japan
JPN 332 Japanese Literature in the Feminine Domain
SOC 391 Gender in Africa
SOC 394 Gender &  International Development
WST 334 Women, Work & Family in Modern Europe
WST 360 Women in Premodern Europe
WST/AFS 350 Black Women & Social Change
WST/AFH/EGL 382 Black Women’s Literature of the Diaspora
WST/HIS 345 Women & Gender in Chinese History
Approved Replacements for WST 398
HIS 300 Race, Gender, Rights in U.S. Legal
HIS 396 Women of Color in American History
WST/EGL 372 Black Women Writers
WST/HUI 237 Images of Italian-American Women
WST 391/HUI 390/EGL369 Italian-Amer & Afri-Amer Women’s Literature
Approved Replacements for WST 399
ANT 295 Sex & Human Nature
CCS 325 Making Bodies Fit
EGL 390 Queer Studies: Race, Gender, & Sexuality in Literature
HIS 394 AIDS & Social History
POL 391 Sexualities & Politics
SOC 391 Sociology of Sexuality
WST 111 Intro to Queer Studies in the Humanities
WST 112 Intro to Queer Studies in the Social Sciences
WST 394 Special Topic: “Psychology of Reproduction”
WST 394 Special Topic: “Women, Science, Fiction, & Reproduction”
WST/AFS 381 AIDS, Race, Gender in the Black Community
WST/EGL 390 Queer Studies: Theorizing Race, Gender, & Sexuality
WST/HIS 374 Historical Perspectives on Gender Orientation
WST/SOC 340 Sociology of Human Reproduction

2)  At least two WST topics courses (taught by WST-affiliated instructors) must be used to satisfy Requirement B.

3)  Any course listed as -or cross-listed with- WST may count as an Elective (Requirement C).  Other courses may count as qualifying electives if at least half the course content addresses issues concerning women, gender, and/or sexuality.  The Undergraduate Program Director can review a course syllabus to determine if the course qualifies as an acceptable Elective.  Availability of Elective courses depends on individual departments.

4)  No more than 6 credits from any combination of WST 447 (Directed Readings) and WST 487 (Independent Project) and may be counted towards a WST Major

5)  No more than 3 credits of WST 475 (Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I) may be counted towards a WST Major or Minor

6)  No more than 6 credits of WST 488 (Internship) may be counted towards a WST Major

7)  No more than 3 credits of WST 488 (Internship) may be counted towards a WST Minor

D. Upper-Division Writing Requirement

Students must present to the director of undergraduate studies a minimum of ten typewritten pages of formal writing, prepared for an upper-division course listed above as acceptable for the major requirements. This written work must have been judged by the course instructor to be satisfactory for the upper-division writing requirement in the field of Women's and Gender Studies. Normally this requirement is met through the work in  WST 408.

Students should consult with the department advisor to ensure that their plan for completing the Upper Division Writing Requirement is consistent with  university graduation requirements for General Education.  Students completing the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) must successfully complete a course that satisfies the "Write Effectively within One's Discipline" (WRTD) learning objective in order to graduate.  The Upper Division Writing Requirement is consistent in most cases with the SBC learning outcomes for WRTD .