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Shruti Mukherjee 
PhD Student, 2014-present


Committee members -Joseph M Pierce (primary advisor), E.K Tan (chair of dissertation defense), Haley Duschinski (external commitee member), Naisargi N. Dave (external reader). 
Dissertation title:
Activist Lives Under Militarization: Disrupting Feminisms and Laying Bare the Ideas of Liberal Democracy in India. 
My dissertation is an ethnographic study of grassroots women’s activism in the state of Manipur, in North East India, as a response to militarized nationalist patriarchy operationalized by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. My dissertation builds on over a decade of research in Manipur, disrupts the narratives of Indian liberal democracy, and theorizes ideas of social justice and how they are negotiated in everyday life, in the context of forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and state sponsored violence. It contributes to theoretical frameworks from disciplines such as anti-occupation feminist studies, borderland studies, indigenous studies, development studies, cultural anthropology, political geography, and transnational feminisms. This project engages with and contributes to a diverse scholarship on the Global South such as anti-colonial women’s movements, ethnography, transnational feminisms, and South Asia.
Shruti Mukherjee
Social Epistemology A Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Policy
Nosheen Ali, Mona Bhan, Sahana Ghosh, Hafsa Kanjwal, Zunaira Komal, Deepti Misri, Shruti Mukherjee, Nishant Upadhyay, Saiba Varma and Ather Zia
Vol. 45, No. 2-3, Indigenous Feminisms in Settler Contexts (2019), pp. 574-580

M.Phil, International Politics,Jawaharlal Nehru University, India, 2011-13
M.A, Women Centered Social Work,Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India, 2009-2011
B.A, Political Science (Honors),Lady Shri Ram College, India, 2006-2009