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Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies 

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Since its emergence as a distinct field of inquiry within the academy, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies has sought to intervene in disciplinary knowledge paradigms by raising questions about how we come to know what we know, who gets to speak and for whom, and what are legitimate fields of inquiry. The Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies at Stony Brook familiarizes students enrolled in Ph.D. programs— or, in certain cases, independent scholars and writers—with the interdisciplinary fields of feminist theory, gender and sexuality studies. It invites students to interrogate the categories through which knowledge is produced, including “women” and “gender,” and it asks them to engage in a self-reflexive questioning of the status, history, methods and goals of feminist, interdisciplinary, and disciplinary scholarship. From these engagements, students will be better equipped to participate in the disciplinary and interdisciplinary transformations in and beyond the University in the twenty-first century.