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Additional Resources

Academic Advising: Offers a full complement of academic advising resources for undergraduates.

Academic Success and Tutoring Center:  Provides tutoring and other academic success programs. 

Career Center:  Assists students with career development, experiential learning and on and off-campus employment opportunities. 

Center for Prevention and Outreach: Offers a wide range of prevention and early intervention services and education focused on alcohol and other drugs, mental health and sexual assault issues.

Counseling and Psychological Services:  Offers free and confidential services to enrolled students. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships: Assists students with state and federal aid, along with scholarships and loans. 

Food Pantry:serves community members (students, staff and faculty) who are food insecure, or who are at risk of food insecurity.

Office of Equity and Access: Title IX Information and ReportIt.: Resources for victims of harassment and sexual violence.

Student Accessibility Support Center:  Offers students with disabilities support in developing their academic potential by making their academic experience accessible.

Student Health Services:  Offers free primary health care to enrolled students. 

Survivor Advocate & Prevention Specialist:  A confidential resource for students who have experienced sexual or relationship violence. Samantha August (631) 457-9981.

Student Conduct and Community Standards: Receives, investigates and resolves alleged violations of the Code of Student  Responsibility involving (non-academic) misconduct by students.