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Frequently Asked Questions


How does a student contact the Student Support Team? 

Student Support Team members are available for phone or in-person conversations Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 


Does a student need to notify the Student Support Team when they will miss a class?

Students are expected to reach out to their professors independently when they need to miss class. Each course will provide a syllabus that outlines procedures for missed classes and excused absences. The Student Support Team can help notify professors when a student is unable to do so (i.e. in the event of a hospitalization) and can advocate for a student in the event of an unforeseen challenge or prolonged absence. 

There are specific University guidelines for students and instructors to follow regarding absences for religious holidays


Does the Student Support Team have the ability to approve absences for sickness, attendance of a family member’s funeral, or for any other reason?

The Student Support Team does not have the authority to approve absences. Team members can advocate for a student and request leniency when students are faced with a legitimate unforeseen challenge. It is up to the professor to approve absences or to grant exceptions to policies outlined in the course syllabus.


If a student is struggling with an ongoing emotional or physical situation, can the Student Support Team assist?

The Student Support Team is a group of individuals committed to supporting the emotional, physical and intellectual wellness of all Stony Brook University students. If a student is not sure how or where to get help, the Support Team will  provide proactive and supportive consultation and refer students to other on-campus resources, as needed. 


Can a concerned parent contact the Student Support Team to request a wellness check on a student?

If a student lives on campus, a concerned parent or family member may call Campus Residences  to request a wellness check. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), information regarding a student cannot be disclosed. However, a Residence Hall Director or Area Coordinator can forward a message to a student and ask that they return a phone call.  If a student lives off campus, a concerned parent can contact Commuter Student Services and Off-Campus Living. If a parent or family member has reason to believe their student is in danger or missing, they should call 911 or contact University Police


If a student requests accommodations due to a disability, should they schedule an appointment with the Student Support Team?

Students needing to request reasonable accommodations for an ongoing disability should contact the Student Accessibility Support Center to schedule an intake appointment with an accessibility support counselor. If a student is in need of support or accommodations they should contact their professors directly to discuss their needs.