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Fitness Instructors


Anthony Dicrescento Headshot


Anthony is a senior at Stony Brook and is one our the Fitness Team Leaders. He will be attending Physical Therapy school here at Stony Brook for the next 3 years. He enjoys being a group fitness instructor because he loves how interactive the classes can get. Throughout the semester, you really get to know the attendees of your classes, and seeing them reach their fitness goals is always a bonus. He can't wait to see everyone at his classes.

Lizbeth Acaro Headshot


Lizbeth is a fitness instructor and one of the Fitness Team Leaders. Her major is biology and she is on track for PT school. She comes from an Ecuadorian background, therefore she is bilingual speaking English and Spanish fluently. She believes that exercising is more than a way to get out of the routine, it is also taking care of your own body and mind, getting the strength and energy to continue working and studying daily. Lizbeth is really excited to start working as a fitness instructor and to meet you all.



Ariana is a doctoral student in the Psychology Department at Stony Brook University. Alongside a background in dance, she is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor seeking to share movement with as many people as possible. Above all else, she enjoys pushing up against the boundary of the physical and mental realms and creating a safe space for others to explore it as well.
Rachel Liu Headshot


Rachel is a freshman mathematics major and planning to be on the education track! She has done recreational dance since she was 4 years old and love learning and performing choreography. She loves the feeling of dancing to good music and having fun, and would love to share that with others. She is excited to start working as a new fitness instructor and make new memories with others!

Maya Duclay Headshot


Maya is from Long Island and is a commuter student. In addition to spinning, she plays field hockey and is the president of the field hockey club! She enjoys being an instructor because she loves to spread to joy of fitness to others.

Melanie Cragan Headshot


Melanie started spin because she loves biking, but stuck with it because it's fun in an entirely different way. She enjoys exercising for the mental and physical benefits, and thinks that group fitness is a wonderful practice for people of all fitness levels to work out together and uplift each other.

Julianna Headshot


Julie is a sophomore Health Science Major with the hopes of having fitness and exercise be a part of her career. She loves the active lifestyle due to its healing capabilities (on mental and physical health). She believes that fitness is meant to be personal; the best way to stay consistent is to find ways to stay active that are enjoyable and therefore sustainable. That's why she fell in love with Spin! It never gets monotonous and you can personalize each ride to however you'd like.

Gabrielle Charleston headshot

Gabby C.

She is a fun, caring, older sister type of instructor. She gets great satisfaction from making a small difference in someone's life by teaching them to box. She is thankful for every student that steps through the doors with the excitement and willingness to learn.
Gabrielle G sitting on a Pink Gloves Boxing Bag holding up peace signs with her hands

Gabby G.

Gabrielle is a boxing and yoga instructor. She enjoys teaching people how to strengthen themselves mentally and physically through exercise. She believes exercise is a good stress reliever in the chaos of a college life, and the best way is with a community that will help each other rise!
Sophia in a striped shirt in front of a brick wall


Sophia is an Art history and Journalism double major. Being a competitive distance runner in high school until getting injured, she decided to switch things up going into college and give Pink Gloves Boxing a try. She quickly fell in love with the Pink Gloves community and boxing as a form of exercise, and is now excited to be able to teach boxing to others!
Mingwai selfie


Mingwai is a junior majoring in Health Science. She is also the treasure for Eczema Advocacy Network here at SBU. When she is not teaching Pink Gloves Boxing Tiers 1 and 2, she enjoyed reading, going to other fitness classes, watching movies, and hanging out with friends!