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Fitness Instructors

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Laura is the Assitant Director of Fitness and Wellness of the Recreation and Wellness Center. She has over 10 years of experience in fitness. She has an MS in Exercise Physiology, a  ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, U.S. Master Trainer in TAPfit, Bolly X Instructor, STRONG by Zumba Instructor, TRX Qualified and,  a Barre Above Instructor.



Avery is our Fitness Coordinator and a graduae student in civil engineering. She is certified to teach yoga through NETA. Also, she is qualified to teach TRX and group fitness classes.   She is very active and loves to help people effectively workout! 



Brianna is the Pink Gloves Boxing (PGB) coordinator and is certified to teach Tiers 1-7. She is also pursuing her PhD in Integrative Neuroscience in the Psychology department at SBU. When she's n ot teaching, you can find her at the beach, hiking mountains, or traveling around the world.



Hello! My name is Thaliyah Fraser. I am a senior Marine Vertebrate Biology major and I am so excited to work out with all of you. I teach Pink Gloves Boxing as well as a fun spin class, both guaranteed to make you sweat. I love talking and meeting new people, as well as just having fun overall and having a smile on my face.  



Kiara is a junior majoring in linguistics with minors in Russian studies and new media, and is on the marketing track as part of the dual degree MBA program at SBU. After ending her competitive gymnastics career after 13 years, Kiara began practicing yoga to maintain her strength and flexibility. 6 years later, she obtained her yoga instructor certification and is ready to help share her practice and help expand your own yoga practice



Aliyah is a group fitness instructor for Ballet, Yoga, and Contemporary Dance. A graduate student in the BA + MAT Spanish/TESOL program at Stony Brook with 14 years of dance experience in addition to 5 previous years of instruction and yoga certification. She combines her passions for movement and teaching into fun and invigorating classes accessible to all students.

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Jessica is a second-year graduate student in Stony Brook's Creative Writing in Literature Program. She's been teaching group exercise classes for five years. Zumba is her favorite way to work out because it doesn't feel like work! It's a dance party every time! 



 I am a second year student at Stony Brook studying Psychology and Sociology. I enjoy boxing and photography in my free time. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in clinical or industrial/organizational psychology.



Ariana is a doctoral student in the Psychology Department at Stony Brook University. Alongside a background in dance, she is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor seeking to share movement with as many people as possible. Above all else, she enjoys pushing up against the boundary of the physical and mental realms and creating a safe space for others to explore it as well.


Gabrielle is a Biology major in Spanish and Journalism minor she is also a Center of Civic Justice intern and PGB trainer 


Jordan is currently a second year DPT student. He is a certified yoga instructor and loves teaching classes. When he is not teaching you can find Jordan working the front desk as an Operations Coordinator or reading a great book! 



Julia is a  senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish Language & Literature, with an intense passion for exercise and fitness. She is a group fitness instructor for HIIT and Booty Burn, as well as a certified yoga and Barre Above instructor. She is also on the Stony Brook University Belly Dance Team, and looking for more opportunities to dive into health and fitness each day!


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Community Relations Team, University Police (Joseph, Jared & Pete)
The members of the University Police are committed to community policing and are actively involved in campus activities. The goal of the Community Relations Team is to educate the campus community on personal safety, risk awareness, crime prevention (including date and acquaintance rape prevention), drug and alcohol risk awareness, and many other community safety issues. 


Request a Fitness Instructor for your Event