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Find information on reporting an incident to Stony Brook University.  Reporting sexual violence can be an important step in healing and in protecting yourself and others.

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If you are the victim/survivor of sexual violence, you are not alone.

Confidential Advocate and Emotional Support Services | Confidential Medical Services | Reporting Resources

Confidential Advocate and Emotional Support Services

Christine Szaraz - (631) 457-9981

CONFIDENTIAL support and resource options are available to students who experience sexual violence.  The Survivor Advocate and Prevention Specialist is available 24/7 to provide crisis support and emergency response immediately following an incident. If you want a forensic medical exam within 5 days (120 hours) of the incident, the Survivor Advocate and Prevention Specialist can coordinate this through the Stony Brook University Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) (631) 632-6720

Free student counseling is available 24/7: Between 9 am and 5 pm, visit the CAPS office, located on the second floor of the Student Health Services building, 1 Stadium Rd., next to Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium parking. 

AFTER HOURS: Call (631) 632-6720 and talk to a crisis counselor. 

Learn more about CAPS

Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk County (VIBS) Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center (631) 360-3606

This off-campus community-based counseling and advocacy resource assists survivors of domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault.  Call to learn more.

Confidential Medical Services

Within 120 Hours (Five Days) of Incident:

It is important to get medical and emotional help immediately after the incident. Consider going to the SANE Center at Stony Brook University Medical Center where you can obtain confidential medical care and a forensic exam by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. This exam is free and allows you to obtain evidence should you decide to report the incident to the police and/or press charges in the future. Note: You do not need to report the incident to Police to receive SANE services. The SANE Center will hold the evidence for a minimum of 30 days. 

How to Access SANE Services:

You can access SANE services by going to the Stony Brook Medical Center Emergency Department. Go to the emergency room and let a triage nurse know that you are there for a SANE exam. Wear to the SANE exam (or take in a paper bag) the clothes you were wearing when the incident occurred to facilitate evidence collection. You will be provided a fresh set of clothing at the conclusion of the exam. It is strongly suggested that you do not bathe or douche, change clothing, comb your hair or brush your teeth. Even if you have done the above mentioned activities, you can go to the SANE center within 120 hours of the incident to get medical care and forensic evidence collection.

Our University Police will transport you to the SANE Center without requiring you to make a police report. 

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Center at Stony Brook University Hospital

101 Nicolls Rd., Stony Brook, NY 11794

Phone: 631-360-3606

Courtesy of Stony Brook University Clinical Simulation Center & Jennifer Brazier

After 120 Hours (Five Days) of Incident:

Students will be provided with quality, cost-effective medical care, and the services necessary to optimize preventative health and wellness.You may obtain confidential medical care on campus at:

Student Health Service 

1 Stadium Rd., Next to Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium Parking

(631) 632- 6740

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Reporting Resources


Title IX Coordinator, Marjolie Leonard (631) 632-6280

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity investigates and ensures Title IX compliance and implementation of University policy and procedures. Click here for more information about reporting an incident. 

Office of University Community Standards, (631) 632-6705

The Office of University Community Standards ensures a supportive, orderly, civil, and positive learning environment. Visit the UCS website for more information

On Campus: University Police (631) 632-3333 (from your cell phone) or 333 (from campus phone)
Off Campus: Suffolk County Police Department 911 (from your cell phone)

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