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Meet Us

Smita Majumdar Das, PsyD(She/Her/Hers)Smita is the Director of the Center for Prevention and Outreach at Stony Brook and an NYS licensed Clinical Psychologist. She has a Masters in Public Health (Health Analytics), a Masters in Business Administration (Health Care Administration), and a Doctorate in Psychology. She has been at Stony Brook University since 2006 where she currently provides direction and leadership to the University’s prevention and outreach efforts in the areas of sexual violence, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, and physical health and wellbeing. She has co-authored and managed several federal and state grants totaling 2 million dollars (Department of Justice: Office on Violence Against Women, SAMHSA Suicide Prevention grant, OASAS NYS grant tec.) to develop and implement a campus-based comprehensive prevention and response strategy at a public health level.

Smita loves working at Stony Brook because of the students that she gets the chance to interact with, and it helps that her favorite color is red. In her time at Stony Brook, her favorite tradition has been Roth Regatta. In her free time, though, she enjoys reading, cooking, and taking long walks.


Danielle Merolla, Pys.D (She/Her/Hers) Danielle is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Associate Director of CPO. She received her Masters and Doctorate at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and completed a Fellowship at the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.

Danielle spent over 10 years working alongside young adults experiencing the first signs and symptoms of mental illness. Her clinical experiences with diverse individuals and families have revealed time and again how early intervention and prevention can positively impact an individual’s journey and allow for recovery and healing that can empower each person. Danielle has expertise in the area of early psychosis, depression, trauma, and program development. She is passionate about outreach, social justice issues and identity.

In conjunction with overseeing mental health programming and suicide prevention efforts, Danielle works closely with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) providing individual and group counseling to students, and clinical supervision. When she is not at Stony Brook, she is learning how to play the guitar and having adventures with her children.

Danielle Merolla

Christine Szaraz, MS, LMHC (She/Her/Hers)Christine is the Assistant Director of the Center for Prevention and Outreach at Stony Brook. Christine’s primary responsibility is coordinating sexual violence prevention education on campus, largely through the bystander intervention training program Green Dot. Along with this role she supports CPO’s overall mission in a variety of ways including in the hiring process of student assistants, coordinating broad initiatives like the Healing Arts program, collaborating with departments like the Undergraduate Colleges to develop the health and wellness lessons delivered in the UGC 101 curriculum, and representing CPO on various Stony Brook committees and at regional and national conferences related to college health and prevention.

Christine is interested in the ways experiences in one dimension of our lives can impact other areas, and she tries to help people develop insight into those connections. She aims to help others appreciate the value of communication and creative self-expression as coping strategies and as part of recovery in their lives. Christine feels that her work at Stony Brook is meaningful in that she is given the opportunity to make small but significant impacts in the lives of amazing young people, who will in turn make even bigger and more impactful contributions to the world. 

Christine received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Stony Brook before completing her Master’s of Science in Counseling at Long Island University. She remembers attending the Roth Regatta as an undergraduate student at Stony Brook, it remains her favorite Stony Brook tradition and she loves the joyful absurdity of it. In her free time, Christine enjoys science fiction and horror, both movies and books, and exploring nature whether that be at the beaches or in the woods of Long Island, or in her favorite place to commune with nature: her backyard.


Kerri Mahoney, MPH, CHES(She/Her/Hers) Kerri is the Assistant Director of the Center for Prevention and Outreach here at SBU. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing the Substance Abuse Prevention programming,  including Red Watch Band, the Care Team Cafe Series, and the Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) internship program. She also oversees CPO’s programs and initiatives focused on Recovery. She has recently started managing the new Health Education Outreach programs including the Protect yOUR Health Series and the Health Education Internship program. 

Kerri completed her Undergraduate degree from SBU in Ecosystems and Human Impact, and her Masters in Public Health from SBU as well. She is also a Certified Health Educator through the National Commission of Health Education Credentialing. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading a book, and spending time with her pup, Mattis. Kerri’s favorite Stony Brook tradition is Strawberry Fest. 

Kerri Mahoney

Samantha August, MA (She/Her/Hers) Samantha is the Survivor Advocate & Prevention Specialist at CPO. In her role, she provides confidential support and resource options to students who experience sexual or interpersonal violence. Sam is one of the confidential resources on campus for students. Sam also assists in many of our educational trainings and loves working with college students.

Samantha completed both her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Samantha trained as a NYS Rape Crisis Counselor through VIBS, a local rape crisis center, and volunteered with them for four and a half years. Samantha enjoys spending time baking, cooking, and watching football.  Samantha also loves Disney and one of her favorite Stony Brook traditions is Roth Regatta.

Samantha Winter

Melissa J. Woody, LMSW(She/Her/Hers) Melissa is the Collegiate Outreach Coordinator in which she develops comprehensive multidisciplinary approaches to provide mental health, suicide prevention and outreach education and programming for students. Melissa works to provide community stakeholders on and off campus with the most up to date information about mental health programming and services that are available to students. 

Melissa is a Seawolf through and through, she received her Bachelors in Sociology  and went on to get her Master’s in Social Work from Stony Brook School of Social Welfare in 2018. Melissa is a NYS Licensed Master Social Worker and before joining the CPO team at SBU, she has spent over 10 years working with at-risk youth and young adults and has experience working from a trauma-informed perspective. Melissa's favorite Stony Brook tradition is Earthstock, she loves being able to see how the SBU community is taking steps towards a greener future. In her free time, Melissa enjoys hiking, fly fishing, making forts with her toddler and trying new recipes that her husband creates. Melissa plays guitar and sings in a band, when she isn’t being creative she’s spending time with her family and friends.

Samantha J. Warren, MPH, CHES (She/Her/Hers)  is the Health Promotion Specialist for CPO. She oversees the Physical Health outreach programs including the Protect yOUR Health Workshop series as well as the Physical Health Peer Education Program.
Samantha works with on and off campus partners to increase health education and programming on campus including STI/HIV testing, prevention and education, nutrition education, illness and disease prevention as well as overall health for students to thrive at SBU. Samantha has worked with college students on campuses across the country and is passionate about helping students take charge of their own health through education and self advocacy.
Samantha received her Bachelors in Science from Tulane University and her Masters of Public Health, with a concentration in Health Promotion Education and Behavior from the University of South Carolina in 2014. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist through the National Commission of Health Education Credentialing.