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Counseling and Health Broad Based Fee

This fee supports the operations, offerings and staffing for the Center for Prevention and Outreach (CPO).

CPO has expanded the provision of weekly Virtual Bystander Training Programs for all our three popular programs (Red Watch Band Toxic Drinking Prevention Training, QPR: Question Persuade Refer Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training, and Green Dot Violence Prevention Training), training over 800 students online during the last 5 months. These trainings have been widely popular with students who are looking to find ways to stay connected and help out their peers in need. This semester we have added 6 a.m. training sessions in addition to our popular late night sessions (9 p.m.) to capture students who are in international locations and other US Time zones. To register for the training visit\virtualbystander and to see the schedule for upcoming training visit Virtual Programs Center for Prevention and Outreach.

CPO has recently launched Protect yOUR Health workshop series along with a social media campaign as a part of Health Education offerings aimed at educating students and other members of the campus community on health topics (COVID-19 prevention and safe socializing tips, Flu prevention, STI/STDs prevention, Nutrition and accessing Student Health Services). During opening weekend, COVID-19 workshops were presented a total of 20 times to capture students' safe return to campus. All the workshops are provided once a week and completing all five earns a student the coveted HealthHero Certificate. Since its launch on August 24, a total of 403 students have completed various workshops. Students can register for these workshop series via

CPO is continuing to distribute free condoms and menstrual hygiene products to interested students who can pick them up. We are providing condoms in individual packets or bulk. Individual packets or BYOC packets come with 6 condoms per bag. Bulk packets of condoms have 100 condoms per bag for larger distribution by campus leaders. All packets come with traditional condoms, dental dams, and lubricants. Students should fill out the Request Form if they are interested in these products. 

CPO in collaboration with University Police is offering free Narcan Training and distributing Narcan kits. Students can learn how to notice the signs of an opioids overdose and how to administer Narcan. This semester we are hosting 2 in-person training for those who live on-campus or locally, and several virtual training sessions. CPO support groups and discussion spaces are offered on a weekly basis for our global students called Global Minds Alliance Care. 

Care Team Cafe is a weekly peer-led workshop to provide students with learning and discussion opportunities to talk about alcohol and other drugs and connect with other peers in a safe virtual environment. The topics range from Party Drug use, Tobacco, Vaping etc. Students can earn the Advanced Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Certificate when they complete five out of seven workshops between August 1, 2020, and March 1, 2021.

CPO also provides robust internship and peer education programs to enhance the student experience. For the Fall 2020 semester, CPO has trained  97 new peer educators, interns and volunteers virtually to work closely with the student community engaging them in health and wellbeing related issues on all CPO’s focus areas. 

CPO has developed self care workshops and programs that are disseminated both asynchronously through their website or synchronously through various social media platforms such Instagram and Facebook Live sessions, covering topics to assist students with mental health needs, domestic violence, substance use, physical and sexual health and well-being.  

CPO’s Healing Arts program provides opportunities for students to develop insight into the role of self-care in maintaining their health and wellness, and to learn new coping skills to help them manage the challenges they may face. Healing Arts utilizes creative expression and activities to encourage students to connect with themselves and their peers in constructive, empowering ways. CPO professionals and peer educators lead psychoeducational discussions on topics related to managing personal and interpersonal stress and engage participants on ways to expand and improve their repertoire of coping skills. Concepts covered in past Healing Arts virtual events and livestreams include self-compassion, positive self-talk, reflection and journaling, visualization and goal-setting, mindfulness, and the mind-body connection.

CPO presents the campus community with awareness-raising large sale events along with month-long programming engagement. September is the National Suicide Prevention Month and CPO’s WALK OF HOPE virtual offering aims to make these issues more visible, break the stigma, and empower students to get involved, and to not only get the support they need, but also educate themselves on recognizing and responding to signs of distress in other seawolves. 

Visit CPO Upcoming Events Calendar and CPO’s website to know all that is offered to educate, empower and connect our students to resources to ensure a safe and thriving campus community whether in person or online.

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is the primary avenue for student and campus community input into planning, delivery, and evaluation of health, counseling, and prevention services. Click here to learn more about the Student Health Advisory Committee.