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Program Alumni


Thea Charles Thea Charles The Historical Development of Chemistry Regents Examinations in New York State   Email:
Elizabeth Chatham Elizabeth Chatham Leveraging Instructional Routines Within a Professional Learning Framework to Facilitate NGSS Implementation in High School Science   Email:
kimberly heal Kimberly Heal Christian Professional Development for Secondary Science Teachers to Improve Engineering Knowledge, Pedagogy, and Career Advisement   Email:
Richard Cohen Richard Cohen Community College Science and Mathematics Coursetaking and Performance and Their
Relationship to Graduation, Transfer, and Science Persistence
michael conenna Michael Conenna The Early History of Biology Secondary Education in New York State   Email:
Jennifer Gatz Jennifer Gatz Middle School Girls' Science Motivation and Performance: Cognitive Effects of an Out-of-School Time Program with Nutrition and Fitness Components   Email:
Richard Gearns Richard Gearns The Role of School Counseling in Student Preparation for Post-Secondary Engineering Study and Careers   Email:
Caren Gough Caren Gough Vertically Aligned Professional Learning in the New Biology   Email:
Judith Gouraige Judith Gouraige Urban STEM Successes in the Bronx: Moving  Away from the Deficit Model    Email:
Stacey Greengold Stacey Greengold Experienced High School Chemistry Teachers’ Conceptions of Chemical Equilibrium in Terms of Rates of Reaction   Email:
Catherine Hantz Catherine Hantz The Early History of Earth Science Education in New York State (1865-1910)   Email:
No face Robert Krakehl High School Physics Equity, Access, Teaching, and Learning   Email:
Luisa McHugh Luisa McHugh The Integration of Mathematics in Middle School Science: Student and Teacher Impacts Related to Science Achievement and Attitudes Towards Integration   Email:
jessica mintz Jessica Mintz The Impacts of the Annual Professional Performance Review in New York: Science Teachers’ and Administrators’ Perspectives   Email:
dawn nachtigall Dawn Nachtigall Collaborating, Mentoring, and Liaising: Analyzing What Teacher Leadership Frameworks Say and What STEM Teacher Leaders Do   Email:
Rachel Ndembera Rachel Ndembera Analysis of Performance on the Praxis Earth and Space Science and General Science Content Knowledge Tests: Implications for Professional Learning   Email:
ghada nehmeh Ghada Nehmeh Factors that Influence Physics Participation throughout the Pipeline
Stephanie O'Brien Stephanie O'Brien Topic Specific Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TSPCK) in Redox and Electrochemistry of Experienced Chemistry Teachers   Email:
linda padwa Linda Padwa All Alone: A Study of Isolated Chemistry Teachers in New York State   Email:
Martin Palermo Martin Palermo Physics and Chemistry Teacher Turnover and Equity Issues Related to Advanced Placement Chemistry Enrollment and Performance   E-mail:
Derek Pope Derek Pope Development of Preservice Mathematics Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Conceptual/Procedural Orientations Toward Mathematics   E-mail:
No face Drew Rosen Social Learning in Remote and In-Person Undergraduate Physics Laboratories
Hope Sasway  Hope Sasway  Factors that Influence Community College Students' Interest in Science Coursework   Email:
Christine Schlendorf  Christine Schlendorf  Precollege Earth Science Education: Participation, Performance, and Equity   Email:   christineschlendorf@gmail,com
Marianne Schoepflin Marianne Schoepflin Social Emotional Learning in Secondary Mathematics Education    Email:
donna shapiro Donna Shapiro Testing Validity Inferences of Science Motivation Questionnaire II: Scores using a Rasch Analysis Framework   Email:
lauren slagus Lauren Slagus The Impact of the Urban Advantage Initiative on Middle School Science Teaching and Learning   Email:
No face John Sleckman A Qualitative Study of Visualization Skills Used to Understand Chemical Bonding
robyn tornabene Robyn Tornabene  Measuring Student Understanding of Genetics:  Psychometric, Cognitive, and Demographic Considerations   Email:
Robert wankmuller Robert Wankmuller Stuck in the Middle: The Challenges of Implementing the New York State Science Learning Standards in Middle Schools   Email:
stephanie wortel Stephanie Wortel-London STEM Identity Formation through Undergraduate Mentoring Experiences and Middle School Learning in an Urban Informal Afterschool Program   Email: