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  • Dr. Angela Kelly
    Angela  (631) 632-9750  

    Physics education, equity in physics, urban science education, science teacher retention, STEM educational technology, engineering recruitment and retention, physics pedagogical content knowledge.

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  • Dr. Ross Nehm
    Ross (631) 632-7247   Biology education, science assessment, assessment technologies, problem solving, science learning, evolution education
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  • Dr. Gregory Rushton
    Gregory Rushton (631) 632-7496   Conceptual change in tertiary chemistry learning environments; classroom discourse practices; policy reform in K-16 chemistry education; large-scale demographic analyses of K-12 STEM teaching populations; science teacher leadership; curricular reform through research-driven decisions; pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in chemistry
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  • Dr. Keith Sheppard
    Keith (631) 632- 2989   Chemistry education, Physics education, History of Science Education, science learning, science teacher education.
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