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Advanced Graduate Certificates  *You must be a current Ph.D Psychology student to apply*

The Psychology Department offers two advanced certificates

The Cognitive Neuroscience Advanced Certificate can be obtained by students enrolled in the PhD program for Integrative Neuroscience or Cognitive Science:

  1. Integrative Neuroscience students choose their 3 breadth courses from the following courses offered in Cognitive Science:

    • PSY 513 Theories of Attention
    • PSY 516 Judgment and Decision Making
    • PSY 518 Memory
    • PSY 520 Psycholinguistics
  2. Cognitive Science students choose 3 of the following courses from the Integrative Neuroscience Area for their Breadth courses: Cognitive Neuroscience Certificate

    • PSY 610/620 Current Issues in Brain Imaging
    • PSY 561 Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience I
    • PSY 562 Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience II
    • PSY 565 Functional Neuroanatomy
    • PSY 560 Cognitive Neuroscience
    • PSY 610/620 Seminars in Selected Topics: Hormones & Behavior
    • PSY 610/620 Seminars in Selected Topics: Molecular Psychology
    • PSY 610/620 Neuroscience: Applications in Psychology

The Quantitative Methods Advanced Certificate can be obtained by students enrolled in the PhD program for Clinical, Cognitive, Integrative Neuroscience or Social Health Psychology who complete the following two criteria: Quantitative Methods Certificate

Pass the basic statistic sequence:

    •  PSY 501 Analysis & Design
    •  PSY 502 Correlation/Regression

Pass three (3) additional quantitative courses from the following list (instructors may change; courses outside Psychology require the permission of those instructors). Any substitutions must be approved by the Graduate Director in advance by providing a syllabus of the course to be substituted.

    • PSY 505 Multivariate Methods/Structural Equation Modeling
    • PSY 506 Psychometric Methods
    • PSY 507 Meta-Analysis
    • PSY 508 Introduction to Computer Applications in Statistics
    • PSY 535 Advanced Research Methods
    • PSY 610/620 Computational Modeling
    • POL 602 Applied Data Analysis I: Probability Theory
    • POL 603 Applied Data Analysis II: Regression
    • POL 604 Applied Data Analysis III: Maximum Likelihood Estimation
    • POL 606 Duration & Panel Models
    • POL 610 Experimental Design
    • POL 676 Advanced Topics: Methods
    • CSE 507 Introduction to Computational Linguistics
    • CSE 529 Modeling and Simulation
    • AMS 571 Mathematical Statistics II

Teaching Requirement: 

    • Serve as the instructor for PSY 201 OR serve as a Teaching Assistant in PSY 501 or PSY 502


To apply to a Certificate Program, complete this "Permission to Enroll in a Secondary Certificate Program" form.

Collect your Advisor's signature and bring to the Graduate Office for final approval.

The Graduate Office will submit the form to the Graduate School.