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Bicycle & Skateboard Safety

The use of bicycles and skateboards on campus has the potential to create an unsafe environment and increases the risk of individuals sustaining physical injuries. Therefore, the recreational use of bicycles and skateboards on campus has been prohibited by University Policy P606. Skateboarding and cycling are permitted on campus for transportation purposes only.

If you are using a bicycle or skateboard to get to and from your destination, please remember to use some basic safety tips such as:

Wear A Helmet

  • The use of a helmet while cycling or skateboarding significantly reduces the changes of riders sustaining severe injuries as a result of a fall.
  • Wearing lightly colored clothing is also recommended to increase your visibility. If you are riding at night, reflectors and reflective clothing should also be worn.

Use Extreme Caution

  • Skateboarders and cyclists should use extreme caution at all times when traveling on campus, remaining mindful of the right of others to a safe campus environment. Skateboards and bicycles shall not be ridden into campus buildings and classrooms and shall be stored so as not to create an obstruction/trip hazard or cause damage to University property.
  • When riding, bicyclists and skateboarders are required to obey all rules of the road, including traffic signs, signals, and road markings. Always be aware of the traffic around you. Before entering a street or intersection, be sure to check for traffic.

Put It Down

  • The use of iPods, cellular phones and other electronic devices while riding reduces your ability to be aware of your surroundings. Electronic device impairment puts everyone at risk.
  • Please protect yourself and help make this campus a safer place for everyone by following the recommendations above and by using a common sense approach when traveling to your destination.