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Safe Ride Program

The University Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, faculty and staff while on our campus.  To support that mission, the University Police Department operates the Safe Ride Program during hours that SBU Transit is not operational.  Students who feel unsafe in traveling between the following destinations are encouraged to utilize the Safe Ride Program by dialing 2-RIDE(7433) from a campus phone or 631-632-7433 from a cellular phone.

The Safe Ride Program will not be provided during hours that SBU Transit is operational. In addition, safety rides will only be provided under the following circumstances:

  • Rides between East and West Campus
  • Rides from South Campus to Main or East Campus
  • Rides from Research and Development Park to Main or East Campus
  • Rides from Main, South or East Campus to Lot 40 provided your vehicle is parked there.

Although this is an extremely safe campus, those students who feel unsafe to travel between destinations other than highlighted above are encouraged to utilize the Walk Service program offered by the Campus Residence’s Residential Safety Program. You can contact the Walk Service program by dialing 2-WALK (9255) from a campus phone or 631-632-9255 from a cellular phone.