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Main Content Area: Video

You can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into main content areas using this main content area video embed component.

You can choose a YouTube or Vimeo video sources, autoplay preferences, and video start/end time (Only works for Youtube videos)

How to Use

1) Click the "Insert Component" button as seen below, choose the "Main Content Area: Video (Youtube - Vimeo)" component and click the Insert button.

toolbar insert component

main content area video step 1

2) The following modal should pop up once you click the Insert button:

main content area video step 2

3) Choose the video source for the desired video

4) Enter the video ID from the desired video. Note that video IDs differ between the two video sources. The helper text underneath the "video Id" field will help you get the correct id

main content area video step 4

5) Choose if you want the video to automatically play


Example of Main Content Area: Video (Youtube - Vimeo)