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How to get a project on Ookami.

The following lists all project which have an allocation via Stony Brook University on Ookami.
Projects having an ACCESS allocation are not listed.






1 Alan Calder Stony Brook University 3D Simulations of Pure Deflagrations of Hybrid White Dwarf Progenitors
2 Matthew D. Jones University at Buffalo Metrics for High Performance Computing Applications and Platforms: Performance and Reliability
3 Sayan Gosh Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Graph Analytics and Combinatorial Kernels (GRACE)
4 Philip W. Jones Los Alamos National Laboratory Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) Readiness
5 Tony Curtis Stony Brook University OpenSHMEM
6 Tony Curtis Stony Brook University SPEC
7 Yuewei Lin Brookhaven National Laboratory The Large Scale Image Classification Benchmark
8 John Dennis National Center for Atmospheric Research Evaluating A64FX Using NCAR Weather and Climate Benchmarks
9 Jochen Autschbach University at Buffalo Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Response
10 Meifeng Lin Brookhaven National Laboratory Performance and Portability Evaluation of HPC Application Software on A64FX
11 Manuel Arenaz Appentra Solutions S.L. Software performance optimization through Parallelware tools for Fujitsu A64fx Processor
12 Barbara Chapman Stony Brook University

OpenMP in LLVM (llvm-openmp)

13 Patrick Diehl Louisiana State University

Porting Octo-Tiger, an astrophysics program simulating the evolution of star systems based on the fast multipole method on adaptive Octrees

14 Guido Juckeland Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf gearshifft
15 Mary Hall University of Utah Optimizing Stencil Applications with Bricks on A64FX
16 Tony Curtis Stony Brook University UCX
17 Amanda Randles Duke University Adaptive Physics Refinement Models for Simulating Cancer Cells
18 Yihui Ren Brookhaven National Laboratory Advanced Deep Learning with ARM
19 Xiangmin Jiao Stony Brook University Scalable Hierarchical Algorithms for Preconditioning Large-Scale Sparse and Data-Sparse Systems
20 Marivi Fernandez-Serra Stony Brook University Siesta in OOKAMI
21 Tony Curtis Stony Brook University TOTAL
22 Georg Hager Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center Porting and Evaluating the Performance Engineering Tools OSACA and LIKWID on OOKAMI
23 Axel Huebl Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory WarpX - an advanced electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell code - on A64FX
24 Yundi Quan University of Florida Electron-phonon coupling on a fine grid
25 Federico D. Halpern  General Atomics Testing and Porting ALMA and CGYRO to A64FX architecture
26 John Bell Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The AMReX Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Framework
27 Dingwen Tao Washington State University Improving Performance of Lossy Compression for Extreme-scale Scientific Applications on A64FX
28 Marc Gagné West Chester University Magnetized Massive StarWinds with Ookami
29 Lester Ingber Physical Studies Institute LLC Hybrid Classical-Quantum Fitting Attention States to Statistical Mechanics of Neocortical Interactions
30 Amit Ruhela University of Texas at Austin Characterizing and Improving Containerized HPC Applications Performance on Fujitsu A64FX Architecture
31 Christopher Hill Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT General Circulation Model Performance Tuning on ARM64 v8 SVE
32 Greg Childers California State University Fullerton Analysis of the Linear Algebra in the Number Field Sieve Algorithm
33 Tzu-Chieh Wei Stony Brook University Benchmarking for Quantum Resource Estimation
34 V. Balaji  Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System Climate and weather models on A64FX
35 Weg Ongkeko University of California Microbial marker identification as a model for early Alzheimer's diagnosis
36 Lenore M. Mullin University at Albany Mathematics of Arrays (MoA) Dense GEMM
37 Gabriel Mihalache Stony Brook University Fiscal Space with Defaultable Public Debt
38 Roman Samulyak Stony Brook University Lagrangian Particle Models and Simulations
39 George Bosilca University of Tennessee Production quality Ecosystem for Programming and Executing eXtremescale Applications (EPEXA)
40 Christopher Wolfe Stony Brook University Vertical Structure of Oceanic Mesoscale Mixing
41 Rezaul Chowdhury Stony Brook University  FFT-based Fast Stencil Computations
42 Benedikt Hegner  CERN  HEP Software Performance on Ookami - Phase 1) Porting 
43  Sherwood Richers University of California Berkeley Particle-in-cell Simulation of Neutrino Flavor Transformation
44 Charles Gammie University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Next-generation Models for the Event Horizon Telescope
45 Samson Cheung NASA Ames Research Center WRF performance on OOKAMI
46 Charles Cheung University of Delaware High precision conguration interaction calculations on A64FX
47 Yonghong Yan University of North Carolina at Charlotte Evaluation of OpenMP SIMD Transformation for ARM SVE
48 Jiqun Liu University of Oklahoma Deep Learning Click and Recommendation Models for Supporting Complex Search Tasks
49 Robert Blackwell Flatiron Institute Performance testing for common research applications and preliminary development
50 Evan Dodge NASA Ames Research Center Testing/Tuning WRFv3.9.1.1 on A64FX
51 Dirk Pleiter Forschungszentrum Juelich Exploring Computer architectural requirements for single cell genomics applications
52 Tony Curtis Stony Brook University rustyshmem
53 John Parise Stony Brook University Computational design and discovery of advanced thermoelectric materials for sustaibale future energy applications
54 Dennis C. Smolarski Santa Clara University Linear Algebra At Scale
55 Xu Liu North Carolina State University A Fine-grained Call Path Profiler for A64FX-based Clusters
56 Khaled Sallam Oklahoma State University Combustion Acoustics of Residential Water Heaters
57 Brian O’Shea Michigan State University Measuring Performance and Scaling of Kokkos-accelerated Athena++ on Ookami
58 Tony Curtis Stony Brook University Program Transformation for Automatic GPU-Offloading with OpenMP
59 Sunita Chandrasekaran University of Delaware Porting applications to A64FX processor and benchmarking their performance
60 Tony Curtis  Stony Brook University Deep Learning Compilers To Enhance ML Performance on Ookami
61 Nav Nidhi Rajput Stony Brook University Testing and benchmarking electronic structure calculations code VASP on OOKAMI platform
62 Jiajia Li College of William & Mary Optimizing Sparse Tensor Methods for ARM systems
63 Bradford Chamberlain Hewlett Packard Enterprise Chapel on Ookami
64 Gaurav Khanna University of Rhode Island Mixed-Precision Runge-Kutta Methods using the A64FX Processor
65 Eva Zurek University at Buffalo Superconducting Hydrides Under Pressure
66 Geoff Cowles University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Benchmarking the FVCOM Ocean Model on A64FX
67 Sanjay Kale University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Exploring Charm++ Applications on A64FX
68 Yongjun Zhang Stony Brook University Relational Segregation in the U.S.
69 Matthias Möller Delft University of Technology Testing and porting G+Smo to A64FX architecture
70 Henrique Miranda VASP Porting VASP for A64FX
71 Jed Brown University of Colorado Boulder libCEED: fast algebra for finite elements
72 Alexander Breuer Friedrich Schiller University Jena Novel Computer Technologies in Education and Research
73 Katherine Hudson Stony Brook University Pygoscelis Penguin Response to Potential Prey Retention along the West Antarctic Peninsula
74 Mehdi Raessi University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Benchmarking the 3D FSI RIPPLE code on A64FX
75 Barry Schneider National Institute of Standards and Technology Calculation of electron collisions with molecular targets using the convergent close-coupling method
76 Ananta Tiwari EP Analytics, Inc. PerfPal: Performance Evaluation, Profiling and Modeling Tools for ARM-based HPC Systems
77 Klaus Bartschat Drake University B-Spline R-Matrix and R-Matrix with Time Dependence Calculations for Electron and Photon Collisions
78 Michela Taufer University of Tennessee Knoxville Performance Portable Vector Particle-In-Cell (VPIC)
79 Eirik Valseth University of Texas at Austin Reduced- and Mixed- Precision Modeling for Ocean Hydrodynamics
80 Craig Steffen University of Illinois Parfu Parallel Storage Tool Benchmarking and Testing
81 Alexey Kozlov Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies Porting raxml-ng to ARM
82 Annie Xian Zhang Stevens Institute of Technology Study on the Influence and Mechanism of Moiré Patterns on Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Bilayer WS2 via First-Principles Calculation
83 David Carlson Stony Brook University Porting, tuning, and analysis of the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) for A64FX
84 Carlos Simmerling Stony Brook University Porting and tuning Amber for A64FX
85 Wolfgang Wander Renaissance Technologies Floating point performance tests
86 Jeffrey Heinz Stony Brook University Parsing and Learning Algorithms for Computational Linguistics and Biology
87 Xiangmin Jiao & Marat Khairoutdinov Stony Brook University Porting and Tuning of System for Atmospheric Modeling with Multigrid
88 Alex Veidenbaum UC Irvine Exploiting parallelism to accelerate fully homomorphic encryption
89 Mose Giordano University College London Julia on A64FX
90 João P. L. de Carvalho University of Alberta Generation of Efficient Code for Vector-Length Agnostic Architecture via Active Lane Consolidation
91 Tom Deakin University of Bristol Benchmarking the performance of A64FX hardware specific features such as hardware barrier and sector cache
92 Robert Rosenberg Naval Research Laboratory Evaluation of Navy-Relevant codes on ARM cluster