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On-Campus Support


Language Learning Research Center (LLRC)
The Language Learning Research Center (LLRC) is where technical support is available for the teaching and learning of language, literature, and culture at Stony Brook University. One of the missions of the LLRC is to initiate innovative pedagogy enhanced by technology and facilitate cross-Departmental collaboration involving language learning and teaching.


Department of Asian & Asian American Studies
Established in 2002, the Department of Asian & Asian American Studies is one of the few departments in the U.S. that integrates the study and teaching of both Asian and Asian American studies. It offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that highlights the history of New York as the home of Asian immigrants since the 19th century and recognizes the importance of the Asia-Pacific in this present century.


The Japan Center at Stony Brook
The Japan Center at Stony Brook was established in January 2003 with the mission of creating a bridge between the university and the local community and promoting education and research in the study of Japan, Japanese culture and society, and the lives of both Japanese and Japanese- Americans


Bishembarnath & Sheela Mattoo Center for India Studies
The Center for India Studies' mission is to promote a better appreciation of Indian thought, culture, civilization and contemporary issues by developing expertise and resources for studying India for the benefit of the University and the community. The Center aims to give Indian thought and culture its rightful place in schools, universities, public libraries, museums, media, and civic forums.


Department of Linguistics
The Stony Brook Linguistics Department is a leading center for research and training in all areas of modern linguistics. The department has a long-standing focus on theoretical linguistics, with core research areas including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and first and second language acquisition. Recently, we have introduced two new Experimental Linguistics laboratories supplementing our existing laboratories in Semantics and Phonetics, and we have developed new specializations in Speech and Language Pathology for undergraduates and Computational Linguistics for graduate students.


Latin American & Caribbean Studies Center
The LACS (Latin American and Caribbean Studies) Center at SUNY-Stony Brook serves to enhance and focus the interests of students, faculty, graduate students and the larger New York regional community concerned with Latin American and Latino issues.