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Research Areas


Conditions and Constraints For Multilinguial Practices

  • What are the discursive/conversational strategies for enhanced intercultural communication?
  • What are the best theories and practices in translation and interpretation?
  • What significance does the spread of English have for the use and development of Asian languages?
  • What are the challenges facing the maintenance of Asian heritage languages in the U.S. and globally?


Development of Multilingual Repertoires 

  • How does bilingual/multilingual repertoire evolve over time, across generations and geographies, across languages and lives?
  • How do language competences interact in cognitive and social space?
  • What are the variables that shape the dynamic, evolving linguistic landscape in multilingual households and communities?
  • What are the variables that contribute to the acquisition, learning, socialization, maintenance, or attrition of multilingual repertories?


Multimodal Discourse and Multilingual Repertoires

  • How are speech communities and ethnolinguistic groups presented and perceived in digital age?
  • What are the consequences of multimodal (text, image, voice, sound) communication for expressing culture and re-presenting the self?
  • How do bilingual/multilingual speakers apply their linguistic repertoires in different technological contexts, from face-to-face communication to digital media?


Multimodal Identities and Multilingual Repertoires

  • How do speakers manage self-projections and other-perceptions in the context of bilingual/multilingual practices?
  • How do multilingual competences serve as resources for construction and expression of multicultural, global identities?
  • What is the relationship between language choice, language use, and the construction of not only ethnic identity but other aspects of multivalent identities?