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Lianxing Wen

Office: ESS 230
Phone: 631-632-1726    


Ph.D., California Insitute of Technology, 1998
Faculty member at Stony Brook since 2000


 Professor Wen is a theoretical and observational seismologist and geodynamicist. His research is directed toward understanding the structure, dynamics, composition and evolution of the Earth and other planets. He uses seismic waves to probe the internal structure of the Earth and its change with time, combines seismic and mineral physics data to constrain the composition of the mantle, and develops geodynamical models of how Earth's internal processes govern the Earth's continental drift, surface uplift, surface large igneous province, geochemistry, intra-plate deformation and volcanism. He also has a strong interest in developing new techniques for simulating viscous flow and seismic wave propagation.

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