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E. Troy Rasbury

Associate Professor
Office: ESS 320
Phone: 631-632-1488

Website: Troy Rasbury

B.S., Midwestern State University, 1984 
M.S., Tulane University, 1990 
Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook, 1998 
Assistant Professor at Queens College 1998-1999 
Faculty member at Stony Brook starting Fall 1999

Two of the most fundamental problems in geology are time resolution and Earth’s history recorded in sedimentary archives. My career-long focus has been in exploring the potential for directly dating sedimentary carbonates with U-Pb. This involves the study of carbonates to understand the environmental conditions in which they formed. In addition to careful petrographic study, I approach sample selection for U-Pb dating from several directions including 1) a focus on the controls on U speciation in depositional environments and how this controls its incorporation into carbonates, 2) trace element mapping, particularly taking advantage of my proximity to the NSLS II, 3) fission track maps, and 4) autoradiography. Laser ablation methods have dramatically improved our ability to identify carbonates with potential for dating. I have been involved in the early innovations for using laser ablation ICPMS dating of carbonates with colleagues from the British Survey. We have provided the most widely used LA U-Pb reference material- WC-1 (Roberts et al., 2017). In addition to carbonates, the availability of the LA-ICPMS has allowed me and my group to explore other archives that might be dateable by U-Pb including fluorite and nacrite (Piccione et al., 2019).

A major theme of my research involves understanding the history of ocean chemistry. This started with my interest in what controls uranium incorporation in carbonates, and has expanded to other elemental and isotopic records. In the past few years I have begun to study boron isotopes, both in carbonates to get at past fluids, and in modern surface and groundwaters. My work with former NSF post doc Cara Thompson and former Ph.D. student Shelbie Legett on fossil brachiopods shows major shifts in boron isotopes in seawater in the Paleozoic. Ongoing research is expanding the boron record and adding Ca and Li isotopes to better understand what controls the changes. Additionally, I work with synchrotron XRF for elemental mapping of echinoderm fossils to follow up on work that shows they are archives of seawater chemistry. Work with Paul Northrup in the tender energy range is allowing us to examine Mg, S, and Sr, and to consider speciation as well as abundance.

The acquisition of a NuII MC-ICPMS has not only opened up exciting new opportunities to understand the environmental records of carbonates but has also provided expanded capability to work on modern water systems. Collaborating with John Luczaj I have applied boron isotopes in groundwaters across Wisconsin, where the data show a remarkable gradient in concentrations and isotope composition implying a source from brines of the Michigan Basin to the west. Work with former MS student Mengqu Han in the Mono Basin has revealed extreme concentrations in the lake, and isotope ratios that are similar to that of the average spring waters. Ongoing work with SOMAS collaborators, Gil Hanson and students from the Geoprep program on Long Island surface and groundwaters is focused on the potential for boron isotopes to track the sources of nitrate and other natural and anthropogenic contaminates to groundwaters.

Selected Publications 

Parrish, Judith T., Rasbury, E. Troy, Chan, Marjorie A., Hasiotis, Stephen T., 2019, Earliest Jurassic U-Pb ages from carbonate deposits in the Navajo Sandstone, southeastern Utah, USA, Geology, 

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Jaret, Steven J., Harris, R. Scott, Rasbury E. Troy, 2019, A New Technique for Ir Concentration Measurements via ICP-MS, Chemical Geology, accepted.

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Bahadori, Alireza, Holt, William E., and Rasbury, E. Troy, 2018, Reconstruction Modeling of Crustal Thickness and Paleo-elevation of Western North America Since 36 Ma, Geosphere, 14, 1207-1231. 

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Rasbury, E. T., and Hemming, N. G., 2017, Boron isotopes in marine calcium carbonate shells: A proxy for paleo-pH and ancient atmospheric CO 2: in Elements, Boron Light and Lively edited by Edward S. Grew guest editor, Vol. 13, pp. 243–248.

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Invited Contributions:

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Recent Abstracts:

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