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E. Troy Rasbury

Office: ESS 320
Phone: 631-632-1488

Website: Troy Rasbury

B.S., Midwestern State University, 1984 
M.S., Tulane University, 1990 
Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook, 1998 
Assistant Professor at Queens College 1998-1999 
Faculty member at Stony Brook starting Fall 1999

Two of the most fundamental problems in geology are time resolution and Earth’s history recorded in sedimentary archives. My career-long focus has been in exploring the potential for directly dating sedimentary carbonates with U-Pb. This involves the study of carbonates to understand the environmental conditions in which they formed. In addition to careful petrographic study, I approach sample selection for U-Pb dating from several directions including 1) a focus on the controls on U speciation in depositional environments and how this controls its incorporation into carbonates, 2) trace element mapping, particularly taking advantage of my proximity to the NSLS II, 3) fission track maps, and 4) autoradiography. Laser ablation methods have dramatically improved our ability to identify carbonates with potential for dating. I have been involved in the early innovations for using laser ablation ICPMS dating of carbonates with colleagues from the British Survey. We have provided the most widely used LA U-Pb reference material- WC-1 (Roberts et al., 2017). In addition to carbonates, the availability of the LA-ICPMS has allowed me and my group to explore other archives that might be dateable by U-Pb including fluorite and nacrite (Piccione et al., 2019).

Another major focus of my research is the application of boron isotopes to understanding rocks, soils, waters, and plants. I have collaborated on projects involving igneous rocks and what they tell us about the mantle source (Hulett et al., 2016; Smit et al., 2019), as well as developing improved techniques to analyze silicate rocks (Cai et al, 2021); on using boron to trace nitrate in groundwater (Tamborski et al., 2020); on brachiopod fossils from across the Late Paleozoic (320-270 Ma) to examine changes in ocean chemistry (Legett et al., 2020, Rasbury and Hemming, 2017); and in seaweed, showing that only borate is taken up by these primitive plants (Wright et al., 2021).

Selected Publications

Piccione, G., Blackburn, T., Tulaczyk, S., Rasbury E. Troy, Hain, Mathis P., Ibarra, Daniel E., Methner, Katharina, Tinglof, Cloe, Cheney, Brandon, Northrup, Paul, and Licht, Kathy, Subglacial precipitates record Antarctic ice sheet response to late Pleistocene millennial climate cycles. Nat Commun 13, 5428 (2022).

Gulbranson EL, Rasbury ET, Ludvigson GA, Möller A, Henkes GA, Suarez MB, Northrup P, Tappero RV, Maxson JA, Shapiro RS, Wooton KM. U–Pb Geochronology and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Terrestrial Carbonates, Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah: Implications for Synchronicity of Terrestrial and Marine Carbon Isotope  Excursions. Geosciences. 2022; 12(9):346.

Gomes, Cleber Peralta, Jr., Santos, Roberto Ventura, Vieira, Lucieth Cruz, Dantas, Elton Luiz, Taveira, Igor Pureza, Barbosa, Paola Ferreira, Couto, Diego Canídia, Rasbury, Troy, Abbots, Frances, Bezerra, Francisco Hilário, 2022, Fault zone fluid pathways in the carbonate Irecê basin, NE Brazil, Basin Research, 2022;00:1–20.

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Sandstrom, Michael R., O’Leary, Michael J., Barham, Milo, Cai, Yue, Rasbury, E. Troy, Wooton, Kathleen M., and Raymo, Maureen E., Age constraints on surface deformation recorded by fossil shorelines at Cape Range, Western Australia: Reply. GSA Bulletin 2021; 134 (5-6): 1621–1624. doi:

Lawson, M., Sitgreaves, J., Rasbury, T., Wooton, K., Esch, W., Marcon, V. Henares, S., Konstantinou, A., Kneller, E., Gombosi, D., Torres, V., Silva, A., Alevato, R., Alevato, M., Becker S., Eiler, J., 2022, New age and lake chemistry constraints on the Aptian pre-salt carbonates of the central South Atlantic: GSAB,

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Chevis, Darren A., Mohajerin, T. Jade, Yang, Ningfang, Cable, Jaye E., Rasbury, E. Troy, Hemming, Sidney R., Burdige, David J., Martin, Jonathan B., White, Christopher D.,  and Johannesson, Karen H., 2021, Neodymium isotope geochemistry of a subterranean estuary: Frontier in Water, doi: 10.3389/frwa. 2021.778344.

Loughney, Katharine M., Badgley, Catherine, Bahadori, Alireza, Holt, William E., and Rasbury, E. Troy, 2021, Tectonic influence on Cenozoic mammal richness and sedimentation history of the Basin and Range, western North America: Science Advances, 7, eabh4470.

Cai, Yue, Rasbury E. Troy, Wooton, Kathleen M., Xin, Jiangc, and Wang, Di., 2021, Rapid boron isotope and concentration measurements of silicate geological reference materials dissolved through sodium peroxide sintering, JAAS, DOI: 10.1039/D1JA00195G,

Wright, Carrie C., Wooton, Kathleen M., Twiss, Katheryn C. Newman, Elizabeth T., and Rasbury, E. Troy, 2021, Boron Isotope Analysis Reveals Borate Selectivity in Seaweeds, Environ. Sci. Technol. 2021, 55, 18, 12724–12730  

Rasbury, E. Troy, Present, Theodore M., Northrup, Paul, Tappero, Ryan V., Lanzirotti, Antonio, Cole, Jennifer M., Wooton, Kathleen M. and +Hatton, Kevin, Tools for uranium characterization in carbonate samples: case studies of natural U–Pb geochronology reference materials, Geochronology, 3, 1–20, 2021,

Alfaro, Aristides, Gazel, Esteban, White, William M., Jicha, Brian, and Rasbury, Troy. 2021, Unravelling the genesis of young continental-arc shoshonites in the Talamanca Cordillera, Costa Rica, Lithos,

Li, Xianghui, Wang, Jingyu, Rasbury, Troy, Zhou, Min, Wei, Zhen, and Zhang, Chaokai, 2020, Early Jurassic climate and atmospheric CO2 concentration in the Sichuan paleobasin, southwestern China, Climate of the Past, 15, 2055-2074,

Legett, S. A., Rasbury, E. T., Grossman, E. L., Hemming, N., G., and Penman, D. E., 2020, The brachiopod d11B record across the Carboniferous-Permian climate transition, Paleoceonography and Paleoclimatology,

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Invited Contributions:

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