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William E. Holt

Office: ESS 334
Phone: 631-632-8215    

E-mail: william.holt@

B.S., Northern Arizona University, 1983
Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1989
Postdoctoral Fellow, DSIR Geology and Geophysics, New Zealand, 1989-91
Faculty member at Stony Brook since 1991
William Holt CV

My main areas of research involve the investigation into the kinematics and dynamics of large-scale deformation of the Earth's crust and upper mantle.

Kinematics of Deforming Continental Lithosphere

Over the past 10 years I have been working on methods that relate the diffuse distribution of strain within continental interiors to the relative motion of the plates. The complete determination of the kinematics of the deformation is vital to understanding the dynamics of deforming continental lithosphere. An understanding of the kinematics is also the key to the quantification of seismic hazards within these zones of active deformation. The method we use involves the integration of strain rates on the surface of the Earth to determine relative velocities and rotations. The strain rates are obtained from Quaternary rates of slip on the major structures. Seismic moment tensors are used to place constraints on directions and styles of active deformation. GPS observations are the most important data set that we use to directly constrain the velocity gradients within deforming zones.

Dynamics of Deforming Continental Lithosphere

Our work on the kinematics provides a quantitative basis upon which to investigate the driving mechanisms (dynamics) for continental deformation. I am currently funded by NSF to examine the dynamics of crustal deformation. We use topographic data, the geoid, and seismically determined crustal thickness values to infer gravitational potential energy estimates within the lithosphere. We then solve force balance equations to determine stresses associated with these density variations within the lithosphere. Stress boundary conditions added to the stresses associated with density variations provide a final estimate of the total stress field. The magnitudes of stresses divided by strain rates inferred from our kinematic estimates provide first order estimates of the vertically averaged viscosity of the lithosphere. We also perform forward modeling of the dynamics, given initial estimates of viscosity, velocity boundary conditions (from the kinematic modeling), and gravitational potential energy estimates. These forward models enable us to refine solutions for the dynamics. I am working with PhD student Lucy Flesch and John Haines at Cambridge University, England on the dynamics of both western North America, and central and eastern Asia.

Global Strain Rate Map

I am funded through NASA with Geoffrey Blewitt at University of Nevada, Reno, to develop a self-consistent estimate of a velocity gradient tensor field. on the surface of the earth. This work is being performed by my PhD student Corné Kreemer and also in collaboration with John Haines. This research is also a contribution toward the estimation of a global strain rate map under the auspices of the IUGG and ILP (International Lithosphere Program). Results to date for the ILP Global Strain Rate Map Project are now archived at a UNAVCO web site.

Continental Deformation, Mantle Strain, and Shear Wave Splitting

We are investigating the relationship between shear wave splitting observations, mantle strain, and surface strains.  We have found within Asia that there is a strong correlation between surface strains and the directions of fast polarization of shear wave splitting observations.  I am working with Paul Silver at DTM investigating the the relationship between fast polarization directions there and the surface deformation field.  We find a strong correlation between fast directions and the directions of the local surface velocity field in a hotspot frame of reference.

Selected Publications 

Kim, J., Bahadori, A., & Holt, W.E. (2021). Crustal strain patterns associated with normal, drought, and heavy precipitation years in California. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126, e2020JB019560. https://doi. org/10.1029/2020JB019560

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Kraner, M. L. ††, Holt, W. E., & Borsa, A. A. (2018). Seasonal nontectonic loading inferred from cGPS as a potential trigger for the M6.0 South Napa earthquake. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123.

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Ph.D. student or post-doc supervised by William Holt

††Undergraduate Student supervised by William Holt