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Professor Frouin's Research Webpage

Marine Frouin

Assistant Professor
Office: ESS 354
Phone: 631-632-1429

B.Sc., University of Poitiers, France, 2008
M.Sc., University of Poitiers, France, 2010
M.Sc., University of Bordeaux, France, 2011
Ph.D., University of Bordeaux, France, 2014
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford, U.K., 2014-2019
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, 2019
Faculty Member at Stony Brook University since 2020.

My research is focused on the development and application of luminescence techniques to provide age constrains on archaeological materials or geological events. My work is specifically geared towards: (i) understanding luminescence processes of minerals in terrestrial sediments, (ii) extend the age range of the method to the Plio-Pleistocene, and (iii) investigating the chronology of human evolution in Eurasia and Africa.

A detailed description of my ongoing research projects may be found here

I am currently setting-up a new luminescence dating laboratory with state-of-the art instrumentation, and actively seeking talented and motivated undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and visitors to take advantage of our facility. If you are interested in joining our research group, please contact me directly. 

In addition to the Department of Geosciences, I am affiliated with the Turkana Basin Institute. I am also a research associate at the University of Oxford (U.K.). 

Selected publications:

2019. Pomeroy, E., Bennett, P., Hunt, C., Reynolds, T., Farr, L., Frouin, M., Holman, J., Lane, R., French, C., Barker, G., New Neanderthal remains associated with the ‘Flower Burial’ at Shanidar Cave, Iraqi Kurdistan. Antiquity: A Review of World Archaeology.

2018. Scerri, E.M.L, Shipton, C., Clark-Blazan, L., Frouin, M., Schwenninger, J.-L., Groucutt, H.S., Breeze, P.S., Parton, A., Blinkhorn, J., Drake, N.A., Jennings, R., Cuthbertson, P., Omari, A.A., Alsharekh., A.M., Petraglia, M. D., The expansion of later Acheulean hominins into the Arabian Peninsula. Scientific Reports, 8.

2018. Frouin, M., Lahaye, C., Valladas, H., Higham, T., Debénath, A., Delagnes, A., Mercier, N. Dating the Middle Palaeolithic deposits of La Quina Amont (Charente, France) using luminescence methods. Journal of Human Evolution. 109, 30-45.

2017. Kreutzer, S., Murari, M., Frouin, M., Fuchs, M., Mercier, N. Always remain suspicious: a case study on tracking down a technical artefact while measuring IR-RF. Ancient TL, 35:1, 20-30.

2017. Frouin, M., Guérin, G., Lahaye, C., Mercier, N., Huot, S., Aldeias, V., Bruxelles, L., Chiotti, L., Dibble, H.L., Goldberg, P., Madelaine, S., McPherron, S.J.P., Sandgathe, D., Steele, T. E., Turq, A. New luminescence dating results based on polymineral fine grains from the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic site of La Ferrassie (Dordogne, SW France). Quaternary Geochronology. 39, 131-141.

2017. Frouin, M., Huot, S., Kreutzer, S., Lahaye, C., Lamothe, M., Philippe, A., Mercier, N., An improved radiofluorescence single-aliquot regenerative dose protocol for K-feldspars. Quaternary Geochronology. 38, 13-24.

2017. Guérin, G., Frouin, M., Tuquoi, J., Thomsen, K. J., Goldberg, P., Aldeias, V., Lahaye, C., Mercier, N., Guibert, P., Jain, M., Sandgathe, D., McPherron, S.J.P., Turq, A., Dibble, H.L. The complementarity of luminescence dating methods illustrated on the Mousterian sequence of the Roc de Marsal: A series of reindeer-dominated, Quina Mousterian layers dated to MIS 3. Quaternary International. 433, 102-115.

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2015. Huot, S., Frouin, M., Lamothe, M. Evidence of shallow TL peak contributions in infrared radiofluorescence. Radiation Measurements. 81, 237-241.

2015. Frouin, M., Huot, S., Mercier, N., Lahaye, C., Lamothe, M., 2015. The issue of laboratory bleaching in the infrared-radiofluorescence dating method. Radiation Measurements . 81, 212-217.

2015. Lahaye, C., Guérin, G., Boëda, E., Fontugne, M., Hatté, C., Frouin, M., Clemente-Conte, I., Quivira, M.P, Felice, G., Guidon, N., Lourdeau, A., Pagli, M., Pessis, A.M., Da Costa, A. New insights into a late-Pleistocene human occupation in America: the Vale da Pedra Furada complete chronological study. Quaternary Geochronology. 30, 445-451.

2015. Guérin, G., Frouin, M., Aldejas, V., Bruxelles, L., Chiotti, L., Dibble, H.L., Goldberg, P., Hublin, JJ., Jain, M., Lahaye, C., Madelaine, S., Maureille, B., McPherrin, S.J.P., Mercier, N., Murray, A.S., Sandgathe, D., Steele, T.E., Thomsen, K.J., Turq, A. A multi-method luminescence dating of the Palaeolithic sequence of La Ferrassie based on new excavations adjacent to the La Ferrassie 1 and 2 skeletons. Journal of Archaeological Science. 58, 147-166.

2014. Frouin, M., Lahaye, C., Hernandez, M., Mercier, N., Guibert, P., Brenet, M., Folgados-Lopez, M., Bertran, P. Chronology of the Middle Palaeolithic open-air site of Combe Brune 2 (Dordogne, France): a multi luminescence dating approach. Journal of Archaeological Science. 52, 524-534.