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Adrienne Munich

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Graduate Center, City University of New York, 1976
Victorian Literature and Culture, including art, literature, music, economics, and fashion; modern poetry, particularly by women.
Also affiliated with: Art Department and the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory 
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  • Biography

    Adrienne Munich comes from Michigan, attending the University of Michigan for two years, then Brandeis University where she received a B. A. in comparative literature. Committed to teaching, she received an MAT degree from Yale University, taught at University of Kentucky before deciding to pursue a doctorate in Victorian literature. She teaches courses on Victorian sensational novels—about murderesses, vampires, and addicts, as well as more soothing Victorian topics, such as economics and literature. She writes  books and articles about Victorian literature and culture, such as   Andromeda’s Chains, a book about ways that artists and poets interpreted a Greek myth about a chained, naked princess and   Queen Victoria’s Secrets, about how Queen Victoria became a cultural icon in an age of empire but of reduced monarchical power. Teaching courses and lecturing about fashion and consumer culture, she organized a Stony Brook conference about fashion and film and edited a book about the topic. Recent book topics include American modern poet, Amy Lowell, and articles about movies, early radio, and diamonds.  She is writing a book on cultural meanings of diamonds. She co-edits the Cambridge University Press quarterly journal,   Victorian Literature and Culture.

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