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Andrew Flescher


Office: Health Sciences Building, Level 3, Room 112 | 631-638-1014
Medical Humanities, George Bernard Shaw, Narrative Approaches to Ethics, Biomedical Ethics; Ethics and Health Care Policy; Ethics of Organ Donation; Compassion and Altruism; Health Care Justice; Normative Ethics; Moral Theory; Religion and Culture; Literature and Film; Hermeneutics; 
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  • Biography


    Andrew M. Flescher, Ph.D., is a Professor of Family, Population, and Preventive Medicine and Professor of English at State University of New York, Stony Brook, where he is also core faculty in the Program in Public Health. Dr. Flescher serves on stony Brook’s Organ Donor Council and Hospital Ethics Committee and is a Living Donor Advocate at Stony Brook Hospital.  Dr. Flescher specializes in medial humanities, areas related to the interface between ethics and literature, health care policy, organ donation policy, public health, and medical and bioethics. Dr. Flescher received his B.A. in Medieval and Renaissance Studies and History from Duke University (1991) and his M.A. (1995) and Ph.D. (2000) in Religious Studies from Brown University. In addition to writing several articles and book chapters, he is the author of four books:   Heroes, Saints, and Ordinary Morality  (2003),  The Altruistic Species:   (2007, winner of the Choice Award),   Moral Evil  (2013, winner of the Prose Award), and most recently   The Organ Shortage Crisis in America  (January, 2018).  On July 1 st , 2017, Dr. Flescher joined the ethics committee of UNOS (The United Network for Organ Sharing) and he has also recently been appointed to LiveOnNY’s ethics committee. Additionally, Dr. Flescher is on the Board of the Gingold Theatrical Group  in New York City, dedicated to fighting for human, women’s and animal rights through presenting the work and wit of George Bernard Shaw. He plays piano occasionally in the Stony Brook Hospital Lobby for patients, their families, and staff.

  • Selected Scholarly Publications

    Selected Scholarly PUBLICATIONS

    (All Single authored except where specified; four books below are highlighted)

    January 2018 : Book : The Organ Shortage Crisis in America: Markets, Civic Duty, and How to Close the Gap  (Georgetown University Press)

    Fall 2017: Book Review,  Christian Understandings of Evil: The Historical Trajectory by Charlene P. E. Burns (Theological Studies)

    Fall 2017: Book Chapter, “The Ethics of War and Peace in the Contemporary Era,”  Preventing War and Promoting Peace: A Guide for Health Professionals, Cambridge University Press

    Spring 2016:  “Academic Public Health and the Firearm Crisis: An Agenda for Action,” (co-authored with 7 public health scholars),  American Journal of Public Health, vo. 107, no. 3 (March, 2017)

    Winter 2016: “Altruism,” Encyclopedia Entry for  VSR (Vocabulary for the Study of Religion), eds., Kocku von Stuckrad and Robert Segal (Brill)

    Fall 2015: “Updating the Argument for Permitting and Federally Funding Stem Cell Research,”  Current Stem Cell Reports (Springer), Volume 1. No. 4. Co-Authored with Mike Roess, Ph.D.

    Fall 2015: “Chosenness and the Imperative of Nonviolence: A Response to Aryeh Cohen on Tamares and Levinas,”  Journal for the Society of Jewish Ethics

    Fall 2014: Book Review,  Doctors without Borders: Humanitarian Quests, Impossible Dreams of Médecins Sans Frontières by Renée Fox ( The Pharos, Autumn, 2014, pp. 46-49)

    Fall 2014: “Health and Health Care Policy: An Ethical Perspective (1970s- present), Chapter 18 of  The Guide to U.S. Health and Health Care  Policy, DWJ Books LLC, ed. Thomas Oliver

    Spring 2014: “Freedom and Free Will,”  Bioethics, 4 th Edition.  Edited by Bruce Jennings.  Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA, 2014.

    Fall 2013 : Book: Moral Evil   (Georgetown University Pres; Winner of Prose Award---First Place)

    Fall 2013 : Book Review of  Repentance: The Meaning & Practice of Teshuvah (Journal for the Society of Christian and Jewish Ethics), ed. Lois Malcolm 

    Spring, 2012: “Jamesian Overbelief and the Therapy of Hope,” Susanne Rohr and Miriam Strube (eds.) . Revisioning Pragmatism: William James in the New Millennium, (Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2012).

    Spring, 2012: “Religious Saints,”  International Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. Hugh LaFollette (Wiley-Blackwell)

    Fall 2010: “Representations of Belief in a Cinematic Medium,”  The Encyclopedia of Religion and Film

    March 2009: “The Future of Faith-Based Initiatives,”  Religious Studies News

    Spring 2009: Book Review of  Probing the Depths of Evil and Good: Multireligious Views and Case Studies, eds. Jerald D. Gort, Henry Jansen and Hendrik M. Vroom,  Religious Studies Review

    Spring 2008: Book Review of  The Ten Commandments for Jews, Christians, and Others, ed. Roger E. Van Harn,  Dialogue and Alliance

    Fall 2007: Book The Altruistic Species: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Human Altruism (Templeton Press; Winner of Choice Award), Co-authored with Daniel Worthen, Ph.D.

    Fall 2007: Book Review of  War and the Christian Conscience: Where do you Stand by Joseph J. Fahey and  Torture: Religious Ethics and National Security and by John Perry in  The Journal for the Society of Christian Ethics

    Spring 2006: Book Review of  Common Morality: Deciding What to Do by Bernard Gert in  The Journal of the American Academy of Religion

    Winter 2004: Book Review of  The Priority of Love: Christian Charity and Social Justice by Timothy P. Jackson in  The Journal for the Society of Christian Ethics           

    August 2004: Two Discussion Analyses (case studies),  Case Studies in Community Health Care Ethics, eds. Joel Zimbelman and Becky White (Longman Publishing)

    Fall 2003 : Book: Heroes, Saints, and Ordinary Morality  (Georgetown University Press)

    Fall 2003: Book Review of  The Ethics of Killing: Problems at the Margins of Life, by Jeff McMahan in  The Journal of the American Academy of Religion

    October 2000: Book Review of  Proselytism and Orthodoxy in Russia, eds. John Witte Jr. and Michael Bourdeaux,  Dialogue and Alliance.  

    October 2000: Book Review of  Religious Freedom and Evangelization in Latin America: The Challenge of Religious Pluralism,  ed. Paul E. Sigmund,  Dialogue and Alliance.

    March 2000: “Characterizing the Acts of Righteous Gentiles: A Matter of Duty or Supererogation?,”  The Journal of Religion and Society. Volume 2. Web Address:

    January 2000: “Love and Justice in Reinhold Niebuhr's Prophetic Christian Realism and Emmanuel Levinas's Ethics of Responsibility: Treading between Pacifism and Just War,”  The Journal of Religion. Volume 80, no.1. pp. 61-82

    October 1999: Book Review of  CommunityLiberalism, and Christian Ethics by David Fergusson,  Religious Studies Review. Volume 25, no.4., p. 394.

    Fall 1995: Inclusion of paper, “Teacher as Authority and Mediator,” in  Counterpoints: Issues in Teaching Religious Studies, eds. Mark Hadley and Mark Unno. (Department of Religious Studies, Brown University), pp. 64-68.

  • Courses


    Department of English 

    Fall 2014, Fall 2015 “Drama in the English Language”

    Spring 2010-2015 “The Problem of Evil: Philosophical, Social, and Biological Dimensions of Evil”

    Masters Program in Public Health

    Fall 2013-2015 “Contemporary Issues in Public Health”

    Summer 2014 “History of Public Health and History of Medicine”

    Masters in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics

    Fall 2011; 2012 “Traditions and Values in Bioethical Conflicts”

    Spring 2013-2014 “The Problem of Evil: Philosophical, Social, and Biological Dimensions of Evil”

    Spring 2013 “Capstone Course in MA in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics”

    Medical School

    Fall, 2015: Ethical Issues and Organ Transplantation 

    Fall, Spring 2009-2013 Medicine Culture and Society II (second years)

    Fall, Spring 2009-2010 Medicine Culture and Society I, “Medical Foundations” (first years)

    Spring ‘10 “Altruism in Medicine (Fourth Year Selective 

    Spring ’10, ‘11 “Altruism in Medicine Second Year Selective)

    Spring ’12, ‘13 “The Best Medicine Money Can Buy” Second Year Selective

  • Op Eds/Interviews/Articles in Media Outlets


    July 26 th, 2018 “How to Provide Better Incentives to Organ Donors,” 


    February 26 th, 2018 “ Heard Immunity,” (co-authored with Geoffrey Kabat)  


    November 18 th, 2014 “ Are We Failing our Medical Heroes?”(co-authored with Dr. Ben Luft)

    October 13 th, 2014 “ We Shouldn’t Glorify the Right to Die”

  • Administration and Service


    Summer 2015-present Appeals Committee, Committee of University Standards (this is a substantial committee, meeting weekly for 2 hours a week)

    Summer 2015-present NEH University Selection Committee

    Spring 2014-present Living Donor Advocate

    Fall 2009-present Organ Donor Council

    Fall 2009-present Chief Organizer: Annual Conference on Organ Transplantation

    Spring 2010-present Hospital Ethics Committee

    Summer 2014-present Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Department of English

    Summer 2013-Summer 2015 Committee of University Standards

    Fall 2012-present Academic Judiciary Committee

    Fall 2012-present Humanities Institute, Stony Brook (Board Member)

    Fall 2011-Summer 2013 Director, Masters Program in Medical Humanities and Bioethics

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