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Sara Santos










Office: Humanities 1109

Sara Santos received her undergraduate and MA degrees from the University of Lisbon. Her work focuses on posthumanism, biopolitics and ecocriticism in late 20th century and contemporary literature. In particular, her research examines the boundaries between human and nonhuman bodies, and the way in which contemporary narratives work to redefine the concept of the human through the intertwining of capital, technology and environment. She has most recently presented her work at the Northeast MLA (NeMLA), American Literature Association (ALA), and the MLA International Symposium in Lisbon. Her review of Adam Dickinson's Anatomic  is forthcoming in  The Vassar Review. Sara also studies rhetoric, holding a graduate certificate in Teaching Writing, and teaches composition courses with SBU's Program in Writing and Rhetoric. Follow her on  Humanities Commons  and   Twitter.