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simone brioni
Simone Brioni

Associate  Professor
Ph.D. University of Warwick, 2013
Postcolonial theory; migration studies; film studies and filmmaking; diaspora cultures from the Horn of Africa
Humanities 1104

  • Biography


    Simone Brioni is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Stony Brook University. He specializes in the literary and cinematographic representation and self-representation of migrants, postcolonial theory, 'postcolonial' literatures and cultures with a particular emphasis on contemporary Italy. On these topics, he co-authored three documentaries: Aulò (2012, directed with Graziano Chiscuzzu and Ermanno Guida, written with Ribka Sibhatu),  La quarta via (2012, directed with Graziano Chiscuzzu and Ermanno Guida, written with Kaha Mohamed Aden), Maka (2022, with/about Geneviève Makaping, directed by Elia Moutamid). Publications in this area also include The Somali Within (2015), Scrivere di Islam (co-authored with Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, 2020), The Horn of Africa and Italy (co-edited with Shimelis Bonsa Gulema, 2018), and L’Italia, l’altrove (2022).

    Another research thread uses post-colonial studies, gender studies, and migration studies to explore how the genre of science fiction literature and film has subversively proposed the re-thinking of gendered, racial and geographical borders, and shape the political hopes of the future. Publications in this area include J.G. Ballard (2011), Italian Science Fiction (co-authored with Daniele Comberiati, 2019), Ideologia e rappresentazione (co-authored with Daniele Comberiati, 2020),

    His articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals including  Altreitalie, California Italian StudiesCinergieÉcrituresForum Italicum, gender/sexuality/Italy, IncontriThe Italianist, Italian StudiesThe Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, Science Fiction Studies, and Studi Culturali.

    His teaching focuses on film studies, colonialism and its legacy, migration studies, and science fiction studies. 

    Here is his professional homepage.