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Ruth Bottigheimer

  • Biography


     My peripatetic academic life began with undergraduate and graduate studies at Wellesley; the University of Munich; University of California, Berkeley; University College, London; and (after a childrearing interval) Stony Brook University. A few years at Princeton was followed by visiting appointments at Göttingen, Vienna, Siegen, Innsbruck, Roehampton, Hollins, and an adjunct appointment at Stony Brook, interspersed with visiting fellowships at Magdalen College Oxford and Clare Hall, Cambridge.

        My early books and edited volumes extend gender studies into into the fields of fairy tales, Bible stories, and children’s book illustration.   Fairy Godfather: Straparola, Venice, and the Fairy Tale Tradition  (2002), however, questioned prevailing fairy tale theory by incorporating book history into discussions of fairy tale dissemination and elicited a 2010 special issue of the   Journal of American Folklore  attacking my theoretical positions. An edited volume entitled   Fairy Tales Framed: Forewords, Afterwords, and Critical Words   (2012), a monograph   Magic Tales and Fairy Tale Magic from Ancient Egypt to the Italian Renaissance  (2014), and current work on the “orphan stories” of Antone Galland’s early eighteenth-century   Arabian Nights  continue to fuse authorship, reading and publishing practices with studies of fairy tales and brief narratives.