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Accelerated BE/MS Program

Program Description

The goal of the accelerated degree programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering is to provide students, who are seeking greater challenge or more diverse range of studies, with advanced courses that will suitably prepare them for graduate studies or a variety of advanced professional positions. The accelerated programs are as rigorous as the current BE and MS programs taken separately. Students in the accelerated programs take two graduate courses during their senior year. The courses are used to meet the requirements of two electives in the BE program as well as satisfy 6 of the 30 credits required by the master’s degree. This allows students to complete both the BE and MS degrees in 5 years.

What programs are being offered?

You can select one of the following accelerated programs:

1) BE in Electrical Engineering / MS  in Electrical Engineering

2) BE in Computer Engineering / MS in Electrical Engineering 

3) BE in Electrical Engineering / MS  in Computer Engineering

4) BE in Computer Engineering / MS in Computer Engineering

What are the advantages of the accelerated degree programs?

1) Simpler admission process to our graduate programs:

a. no TOEFL exam required GRE exam required

c. no application fee

2) Reduced number of credits: 6 graduate credits are counted for the undergraduate degree as well as the graduate degree. 

What are the admission criteria?

  • Students in electrical or computer engineering should apply in the second semester of the Junior year
  • Minimum cumulative GPA requirement of  3.3
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of  3.0 or above to be admitted to the Graduate School.

What is the application procedure?

  • Complete the Accelerated Program Application Form
    • Deadline: second semester of the Junior year
    • Upon admission, you will get an offer letter of admission into the accelerated program.

What is the procedure for enrolling in graduate courses?

· Two graduate courses must be taken in the senior year with one course in the fall semester and the other in the spring semester. 

· Complete Form for taking graduate courses

· Undergraduate Program Director (Prof. Kamoua) must approve the selection of the two graduate courses. 

· Submit signed form with a copy of the admission letter to the accelerated program to the Graduate School. 

· Deadline: 5th day of classes for the semester (it is preferred to submit the forms much earlier).

When and how do I change my status to graduate student?

  • Students change status from undergraduate to graduate starting the fifth year or the last semester of their undergraduate program.

1) April 1 for students completing the undergraduate program in May

2) November 15 for students completing the undergraduate program in December

  • Must attend Graduate Orientation the first semester as Graduate Student

When the BE degree is awarded?

The BE degree is awareded once the requirements for the bachelor program are completed.  The BE and MS degrees are awarded sequentially. 

Can I do a Master’s Thesis?

Yes, you have the option of completing the Master degree with thesis or non-thesis. Please check the Graduate Student Guide for details.

Can I withdraw from the accelerated program?  

Yes, you need to complete the withdrawal form and submit it to the ECE department for signature of the Graduate Program Director.