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PhD Student Lingqing Gan Receives NSF Professional Development Award

April 14, 2017

Lingqing Gan

Third-year ECE PhD student Lingqing Gan received the 2017 National Science Foundation Professional Development Award, which supported her attendance at the iREDEFINE workshop at the ECEHDA conference. The iREDEFINE workshop aims to help prepare underrepresented minority graduate students for pursuing faculty positions at US universities. The workshop was part of the 2017 ECE Department Heads Association Annual Conference. Lingqing was one of thirteen graduate students to receive funding from the NSF to attend.

Workshop participants attended a variety of events focusing on topics such as obtaining funding for research, negotiation, and teaching skills. Additionally, Lingqing presented her current research work at a poster session, which was attended by participants from the conference.

More information about the iREDFINE Project can be found at the ECEDHA website.